Activities in Santa Fe and area

Hello everyone. I will be in Santa Fe October 19-30 th. 2022, petsitting a doggy and a kitty.

Any suggestions for activities not too expensive beside the hikes and museums which I have already researched ? Any site I could look at for upcoming events ? cooking lesson ?
Any secret well kept to discover ?
And any other sitter to be in Santa Fe during those days ?

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Oh @Brigitte,

How happy I am to see your post as I am from Santa Fe, spent most of my life there and have even authored a book about New Mexican chile culture and cuisine…so suffice to say you have come to the right gal with these questions and I do hope I can help!

September-October are my two absolute favorite months in Santa Fe, so you’ll really be able to enjoy such a beautiful season! Please pick up a Pasatiempo magazine that comes with the New Mexican paper on stands Fridays or check online. Because you’re in the “shoulder season” in Santa Fe you’ll actually be able to land some seasonal discounts on things that are typically more expensive.

Ojo Caliente and Sunrise springs are absolutely beautiful and very enjoyable but they can be pricy. They typically do locals specials during the off season so check their site and see if that may be something you’d like to enjoy. Ten Thousand Waves offers really REALLY nice private tubs for $75 for 90min. for up to four people. If you have a local friend with a Santa Fe divers license they can get you some steeper discounts at these places. There’s so much delicious food in Santa Fe and Izanami at Ten Thousand Waves is one of the best!

If you haven’t already check out the Farmers Market at the Railyard park on Saturday mornings. I would also recommend going to and entering one or all of their contests (hardly anyone ever does and I have one free tickets to things more times than I can count. If experiential art is your thing (and expect it to be fairly crowded) then check out the extremely popular and #1 tourist activity in NM Meow Wolf. You’ll be there during the Santa Fe International Film Festival so it it possible you can find affordable tickets to some screenings or even win tickets if you search it out. Although if you go to Violet Crown movie theatre on Tuesdays you can get movie tickets for $8.50 and its a really nice theater. If you have a Regal Cinema card (free) than tickets at their locations on Tuesdays are less than $7.

El Farol is quite well known for doing a Flamenco dinner show…but the price has gone up. Friday evening/afternoon artwork on Canyon Road is quite fun as most galleries offer free glass of wine/champagne sometimes snacks as people look at the art.

Santa Fe School of cooking does offer cooking classes as well as walking food tours (although I have never found them to be that affordable), every now and again they offer off season discounts. Bell tower bar at La Fonda does have the best views of downtown especially for sunset and has a decent happy hour. They will be celebrating Dia del los Muertos on the Plaza at the end of the month. Gruet tasting room in Santa Fe is a lovely experience. There’s a Salt Cave therapy you can do…but I have no idea what the cost is. Santa Fe Community Yoga offers a variety of classes that are sometimes free, by donation or $30 for an unlimited week.

Well, this should be a good start. If you have questions about anything Santa Fe related I am happy to help! I hope you have a fantastic sit! and please come back to share photos,



Thank you so much Kelly ! I will check on that and come back to you with my finds. Can’t wait to be there. :slight_smile:

Some great info @Kelly-Moderator. We will be in this area in 2023, and hope to enjoy some of theses experiences.

We have a sit in Santa Fe starting October 22nd until the 29th! Maybe we can get together? I can message you my contact information.

Also I have two cooking classes scheduled on the 25th and 29th.

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OH ! I couldn’t find a place for a cooking lesson. The only ones left were in demonstration. I’ll message you.

Thank you, I will be in November and spotted The Santa Fe Margarita Trail :cocktail:(to be consumed in moderation of course)

Bridgette: We visited Santa Fe last year as part of a fall road trip and loved it. We were not petsitting, but stayed in an Airbnb casita. We had our road bikes with us and enjoyed cycling there. Some of the paths are also good for walking, if you don’t have a bike or are looking for places to walk the dog. We also enjoyed touring the galleries on Canyon rd. Kelly gave you great info. If you have an interest in the film fest, there is a way to volunteer and earn free passes to some of the events. VOLUNTEER — Santa Fe International Film Festival Enjoy! Lynn


Oh yes that’s fun! The Shed and Tomasitas have the best ones though. I would also recommend trying the “chocolate trail” as well. I love getting sipping chocolate from Kakawa


Thank You. I’ll add to my list.

Go to The Art of Chocolate for some awesome sipping chocolate, truffles, and a tour if you plan ahead! It’s the only bean-to-bar chocolate place in Santa Fe
If you have time, I suggest going to Taos Box rafting. It’s awesome. Some of the best rafting in that area of the states. It’s the second largest Rift Valley in the world I think.

Thank you. The Art of chocolate seems to be wonderful.

@Brigitte Yes the Taos Box is incredible rafting but is also only seasonal and reservations typically have to be made well in advance as slots get booked up sometimes a year or two in advance. I should also mention that it’s my understanding that The Art of Chocolate has permanently closed. Hopefully she’ll be back in the near future.

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@Kelly-Moderator .
Honestly, I wouldn’t feel too keen to go rafting. I am more into arts and cooking, But a good suggestion for the adepts.
There is no more place for the cooking lessons. (démonstration or hands on). I thought I would go to the visitor bureau and ask if they would know of a ladie’s church group I could ask to. I would love to learn some of NM recipes.



If the cooking sessions are booked up at Santa Fe School of Cooking then I would recommend looking at the cooking classes offered at Las Cosas, you can also see if you would be able to sit in on a class at the Santa Fe Community College…they have a very fine culinary arts program and you could email the program director or the professor and see if you can get in on a class or two. You could also reach out to local cook book author and James Beard Award Winner Cheryl Jamison and see if she would have suggestions or willing to do a one on one with you …because she has a deep love of our local cuisine. If all else fails I would also contact Nicole at Santa Fe School of cooking and see if she can put you in touch with any local church groups or chefs. We have such a passionate food culture and community that I have no doubt you will find someone willing to help your cooking dreams come true…at least I hope we are as hospitable as I know we can be. If I was still living there I would be happy to do a few cooking demonstrations with you on some of our most beloved dishes.


Lot of good ideas, Kelly ! Many Thanks,

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Hi Kelly !
Just want to thank you again for all your suggestions for what to do in Santa Fe while petsitting.
We loved the experience. Doggy and cat were fabulous, house well located and OMG…Santa Fe.
I was able to take a demonstration cooking class at Santa Fee School of cooking. (The secret are in the Chile sauces :slight_smile: ).
Went to see the Miow Wolf creative exhibition, loved all the restaurants we tried, the Pecos Historical and National Park, the Plaza, the museums, etc.
And that Canyon road which is like a street art exhibition. OMG OMG Santa Fe and its blue blue sky.


this makes my heart so full to hear this! So glad you fell in love with Santa Fe…now you can understand why we call it the “Land of Enchantment.”