Enjoying Santa Fe, New Mexico

We are a Canadian retired couple that love the Southwest USA. We have been on 8 housesits over the last 5 years. Especially enjoy hiking, geocaching with our hosts dogs. Thought it might be fun to explore the community forum.


Hi @Driven. We are a family from the UK who housesit during our school holidays. My 2 sons and I also like geocaching with dogs we are looking after.

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We were out yesterday. Hiked into a cache with our host dog. Beautiful sunny day. Healthy 3 km hike.


Hi @Driven welcome to our community forum we’re glad you joined us.

Where are you sitting at the moment, are you in Canada? We hope you will explore the forum to its fullest, there are many great conversations happening.

Angela and the Team

Oops @Driven apologies as @Snowbird has just pointed out the title of your post " Enjoying Santa Fe, New Mexico answered my question …

Hope you are enjoying NEW MEXICO :sweat_smile: