Nicky, Santa Fe NM USA

Hi there everyone.
My husband Ian and I have been THS members since late 2018 as sitters. We love it and it has made our retirement. Up to date we have done 19 sits and have 5 lined up so far for 2023. The first is in March in Northend UK near Henley on Thames, then Spain and Portugal. Then in May we are off to Poole, Dorset and then the Chilterns, Buckinghamshire UK. Phew! That’s our first trip. Trip 2 in September we are off to Christchurch in the New Forest and Bournemouth on the English Rivierera. Lots of travel.
We have lived in Eldorado near Santa Fe since 1997 and have been invited to do local sits for cats, a pit bull and goldendoodle and horses. We are also busy being volunteers with a local shelter walking and fostering dogs besides looking after our friends and neighbours pets. So, we are always getting our dog fix since our 2 darling goldies passed several years ago.

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Wow I am exhausted just reading your itinerary.
It all sounds amazing - enjoy!

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Sounds great and housesitting has also made my retirement.
You’ve got some lovely places. Have a great time!

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Welcome! I adore new Mexico. Your travels sound wonderful. I too, have made it my semi-retired life as I continue to work seasonally in Alaska. So far i love it! Hoping to do my first international later in the yearm

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Hi @NickyLambden,

Lovely to see you’re here on the forum it was so nice to meet you and Ian in person this winter in Santa Fe. Please do come back and share photos of those sits you’ve got lined up this Spring/Summer. I’d love to see all the adorable pets you’ll be taking care of.

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Hi Nicky,
Great to read your post!
Any advice on how to co-ordinate house sits?
I am due to visit Boston Mass this spring and would love to house/ pet sit but obviously I can’t find one that covers the whole trip.
What do you do to cover gaps in your “sits”?

Thank you

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Hi @Royalmidwife. Welcome to our community here in the TrustedHousesitters forum. I’m glad you joined us and have jumped into the conversations.

I don’t see that you’ve joined TrustedHousesitters yet. If you have any questions about joining, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Again, welcome to the forum.

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Hi Karen,
The first thing I said was that we had been members since 2018!!!
Nicky It may be under Nicolette and Ian Lambden.

Hi @NickyLambden. Yes, I saw that, and I’m glad you’ve been a member for so long. My reply to was to @Royalmidwife, who I couldn’t find in the TrustedHousesitters system.

Welcome, @Royalmidwife/Martine!

As @Karen_E noted, if you have any questions about how/why/what for joining TH, just ask. Either here or in an appropriate topic.

@NickyLambden may not have noticed your post. It helps to tag the user with “@” as I just did, so they’ll get a notification.

You can also search the forums for related info. I found this topic:

On a Boston-ish note, was just discussing a “last-minute” sit in Cape Cod. Just see the listing of the first post: Cancellation by sitters


aloha ? thanks. This is wonderful/ I just joined . Im in Hawaii and look forward to visiting new Mexicosoon.