Adding temporary car insurance (UK) for Sitter with no UK licence

Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has any tips for any U.K. car insurance companies that will allow me to add a temporary driver (who doesn’t have a U.K. licence but has an international Driver’s permit and an Australian licence)? My current insurer won’t do this so am looking to move my policy to someone who will allow this sort of flexibility rather than just buy an additional temporary policy. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I think its only a separate policy such as if you hire a van or something for a set term like car hire rental. Look for insurance daily rates, that’s what we did when moving furniture to France. I don’t think it will work with just one policy.

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Hi @Sjt13 - ‘Sterling’ seems to be the most flexible

Hi there, would you mind letting me know which insurance company you use as I am looking to change to a company that will allow me to add a temporary driver with an Australian licence.

Hi @Sjt13 there are members on the forum who have arranged insurance for drivers with a non residents licence, perhaps also state which country you are enquiring for.

I would like to know exactly that! Can someone reply to me?

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As mentioned above, Sterling. We’ve had several UK home use this company successfully, allowing us to drive their car on a US license.

My sitters ended up buying a 28 day policy from Sterling to allow them to drive my car. This was the only option we could find.