UK Temporary Car Insurance (for Americans)

Hi Everyone!

Has anyone found a way to get temporary car insurance for an American in the UK?

Thank you!


For a rental car, or ?

I’ve tried several times and HOs have tried to add me to their insurance without success. Back in 2019, two different HOs were able to add me for 3 weeks or less, but not possible since 2021.

Our host offered use of her car, but her insurer doesn’t allow non-uk residents to be added onto her policy.

& I haven’t found any car insurer that will accept a US license for temp car insurance

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We are Australian and 2 of our UK owners were not able to add us to their insurance either in the lsst couple of months. We tried to find some insurance cover ourselves but every company excludes us as we are not UK residents or ex-pats. I think we just need to give up the idea of being able to use UK owner’s cars when they are offered. We will no longer be applying for any UK sits that are not handy to public transport even when the listing says car provided as we won’t be able to use the car to get around.


I wonder if it’s because you drive on the right & there’s the danger you might forget we drive on the left, so more chance of accidents. Having said that @Crookie is Australian and she’s had difficulty in the UK. What a shame

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@Smiley - I doubt that insurance companies would exclude because of side of the road, but there was the US diplomat’s wife who killed a kid driving on the wrong side of the road and then fled the UK to avoid prosecution. Although that’s since been resolved, I think.
I think it is just insurance companies doing the best they can to avoid claims!

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Thank you for all of your thoughts on this! It seems like it might be a lost cause which is super disappointing.

I thought there might be an insurer out there that would do it - if I have the ability to pay and get insured in a rental car, why wouldn’t there be an option to borrow one as well? Ugh.

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Try Down Under insurance. They specialise in Aussies and Kiwis who buy campervans there for the uk and Europe. Not sure if they might be able to provide cover on someone elses car.

Well not resolved in that the child can’t be brought back but, yes, she was eventually convicted. I’ve always been against diplomatic immunity when crimes have been committed.

Down Under was a great suggestion! Unfortunately, they require that I be the registered owner of the vehicle :frowning:


Ah. Bugger! I found them while planning our eventual campervan purchase.