Age of Sitters

We would prefer older more experienced sitters but for some reason we attract younger applicants. This is good but we feel that our pets respond best to people if our own age. We would welcome your comments on this please

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Hi @Lakeview there is a topic related to this question with some great insights, feedback and owner experiences, perhaps a good place to start?



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Hi @Lakeview, if you haven’t done so already you should put in your listing that you would prefer older sitters. There are plenty of us about!! Are the younger applicants relatively new sitters? Check their reviews and references out carefully. Remember though, we all had to start with someone giving us an opportunity. There are many younger sitters who just love pets and often work from home.


Thank you Angela

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Just put it in your ad as you said here: we would prefer a more mature couple (sounds better than “old” :wink:) cause our pet responds better to them.
Nothing wrong with that!