Happy sitter with no problems!

Hello from Finland!

I am a 74 yrs old catsitter, done 13 sittings so far in Europe and in Scandinavia, and I am really regretting that I did not find this “job” earlier. Unfortunately also Covid-time disturbed this activity for two years.

I have followed people’s messages here and been surprised for so many complaints about this and that. Personally I have had only positive experiences as to this site, cat owners, homes, cats, trust etc etc.

My only worry is that the hosts might find me too old for this. Anyway, I am going to continue trying (with all my 13 pcs 5 star references).

Love you, love the cats!


Hi @JATTA and welcome!
I feel the same about so many complaints about everything. For me THS is wonderful and, even if I find navigating the site isn’t very intuitive, I can manage it well enough and so far my experiences have been great. Enjoy your chosen lifestyle and good luck to finding lots of great sits.


Hi @JATTA welcome to our community forum.

Thank you for sharing your positivity. There will be many other members like @Pawtastic, who join you in expressing how a TrustedHousesitters pet and housesitting lifestyle has truly changed their lives in a positive way, allowing pet loving travelers to have unique and authentic experiences in the company of beloved pets while connecting with like minded people and building relationships. Sometimes lifelong friendships.

This has been my story with TrustedHousesitters too. …

With any and every product there will always be room for improvement and at TrustedHousesitters we will always strive to make the experience the very best for all of our members.

As for those concerns around your age, being a great sitter is about attitude, commitment and applying for sits that are the right fit for you, the pets and owners. Your wonderful reviews speak for themselves owners first priority is the best care for their pets …

“Marjatta was the perfect cat sitter. Her love of cats is apparent as soon as she walks in the door! My cats were immediately comfortable with her”

I’m sure that you will continue your journey and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Happy cat sitting …

Angela and the Forum Team


Hello @JATTA in Finland - a country I have yet to visit. I started this lifestyle as a mature sitter when I retired and am just about to leave my 43rd housesit. So far I’ve housesat at home (UK) and New Zealand. I should have housesat in Oz also but the pandemic put paid to that. However, I’ve a housesit booked north of Perth next August!
Don’t worry about your age, just keep housesitting as long as you can while you’ve got your health and energy. I must admit I’ve made the odd complaint but have never been happier since housesitting via THS.
Long may your adventures continue!


I think you’ll find that a lot of people prefer or only consider mature sitters. Good luck and happy sitting! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! This is really kind of a life style and good and honest trust between the host and the sitter!

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Thanks Timmy! Despite my 74, I feel max 24!


I know exactly what you mean. Keep feeling 24 as long as you can! :wink:


I’m in the same age group as you I’m probably fitter than my grown up grandchildren. Hate ageism in any form .I’m definitely a cat lady as well. I like dogs but there is just something about cats that I love.


Like many forums people only search for it when they are having problems (perceived or real). Like you we have 50+ reviews and definitely no complaints.
I learnt early on communication was the key. Talking and being completely truthful with each other helps to iron out most potential problems. I also have a list of “no ways” in my head. If they are mentioned and no matter how good the sit sounds I don’t apply. If the pet owner mentions them in their listing then they must be important and if I can’t or won’t comply then it would be a waste of time for either party. It’s very important to read the listing thoroughly at least twice and not get carried away with the nice pictures or fantastic location.
Here’s to another summer of trouble free pets!


Don’t regret, you are here now so keep doing what you are doing as long as you love it.
They, the animals and the HOs will love you back and that is the best rejuvenating serum out there. you can’t buy that.
All the best Beautiful @JATTA


Well done Jutta! You go, girl!
But I think you’ll find that MOST sitters have 5 star reviews, partly because we are all too afraid of the HO giving us a less-than-glowing feedback.
So, everyone has 5 star reviews!

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Jatta, do not worry about your age. I am 77 years young and have had 40 different house sits.