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Hello, my husband (Steve) and I (Bee) are new to the THS and community. We have two senior cats (Milo and Kya) - they are our little babies. With the pandemic, Steve and I usually work from home and they have both grown very attached to us. We can see that they become lonely when we are not home… We like to travel, and once a year we will do a long trip over 14 days. We have had a cat sitter take care of them, but usually it is limited to 30 mins a day. We are planning to travel at the end of Dec 2022, but are very concerned about being away so long given their age and attachment. Being new to THS, of course we have questions about having someone we have never met come into our house, but from what we researched, we are open to trying this option so we can have a peaceful mind that our little loved ones are being cared for.



Hello @MiloKya welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. Thank you for sharing the photo of MIlo & Kys they are absolutely gorgeous cats … they are adorable and worrying about your babies is absolutely normal, that’s our job as pet parents.

WE also understand your concerns about taking the leap to use TrustedHousesitters for the first time, it has to be right for you, Milo & Kya and the sitter.

There is a complete process to choosing and arranging a sitter and communication is key to having a great pet sitting experience. You will find help and support on the forum and on the website Blog as well as our Membership Services Team who are available on email and Live Chat.

Welcome again, enjoy connecting with members from around the world and we look forward to sharing in your THS journey.

Angela and the Team

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Exact same situation for us and our cat Cassiopée who is 15 years old. We spent the last two years working at home. When we traveled before the pandemic we used a service with a one hour a day visit. We just came back last week from a six weeks vacation in Costa Rica and it was our first THS experience with sitters. After a few days where she was hesitant and only came out at night or when the sitters were out she really took a liking to them and the pictures showed how relaxed she was. When we came back she needed a few hours to get used to us again. :smiley: We’re very happy to have found THS.


Thank you so much. Your reply really gave us the assurance that we can count on THS. We are so glad to know that you had a good time and so did your cat Cassiopée. :smiley_cat: