I'm finally signed up!

I’ve been lurking for so long and now finally I’ve taken the plunge and signed up. I’ve heard great things about THS and so here we go… I have tried to add the link to my profile so you’ll all have to let me know if I’ve managed it as I’m on my mobile phone when I usually prefer to use my tablet for important stuff.
As you can see, we’re living in Cyprus and hoping to find some lovely cat sitters for our two boys Tiny and Neddy. I travel between Cyprus and the UK regularly but there are times that my husband travels with me so that’s when we need a house/cat sitter. I’ve posted looking for sitters for May but we’ll also be looking for sitters for the winter.
Thanks for reading my waffling first post !


Hi @Spitimou welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, you have indeed added the link to your home listing … and I’ve taken the opportunity to share one of your kitties pics … please introduce us to this little furry THS member … :heart_eyes_cat:


What an absolutely adorable little furball!

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This is our lovely boy Tiny. He turned up one day and obviously liked what he found, and decided to stay. He’s a bit of a Daddy’s boy.


Hi @Spitimou , welcome to Trusted house sitters! - Being out of the Schengen zone you are in a great location for travellers, plus a nice location with a couple of easy-to-care-for cats .

Your listing will be very popular, I will eat my hat if you ever have any difficulties finding great Trustedhouse sitters :cowboy_hat_face:


You don’t need to eat that hat, there are 3 applicants already as I write! :sunglasses:


Welcome @Spitimou! You have 3 applicants already!

Your hat is pretty safe with this one!

Thanks everyone. I think it’s going to be difficult to choose as everyone seems so lovely. I’m sure Tiny and Neddy are going to be well looked after.


Hello Spitimou & welcome to our THS community!
As a full-time global sitter, I too would be delighted to sit for you. Kind regards, Lisa

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Hola! We are British/ Canadian expat couple who have been both Pet Home Owner and now Pet Sitters. :grinning: We have loved THS experiences! We retired to Javea, Spain and love travelling afield to meet owners and pets. Cyprus isn’t too far! Perhaps we will meet one day. Bernadine and Alan (from Javea)