Hello from New Members in Washington State

Ok so I am two cups of coffee into this first posting, lost my work once but not giving up. Hello, we are ibviously newcomers to THS and this forum. We are looking forward this process. We came to THS after trying to find a solution to us leaving our 16 year old cat for a month. Typically when we travel neighbors come in once a day and take care of his needs and give him a bit of quality time. That works for a week or 10 days but for a month, we wanted more interaction for him. He enjoys company and does let us know when we return that we left him. He hollers for a day or so after we get back. We have been retired for a little over 4 years and have traveled quite a bit in that time. We look forward to browsing through the forum and learning how to best use this wonderful program and how we can be an asset to it. Thanks to all the sitters who do this— ya’ll must be some of the most flexible and adventurous people on the planet. We’ll be seeing you; take care everyone


Welcome, neighbor! I live in Seattle.

Hello @YvonneS and welcome to the community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. It’s good to see that you’ve added your listing to your forum username. You have a good balance of photos in your listing - covering the main living areas and introducing Jake, without providing your full photo album. :wink: I say that with a smile on my face as sitters get frustrated by minimal interior photos and yet 10+ photos of the pet(s). As much as we love to see the pets, we also want a good idea of where we’ll be living. Anyway, thank you for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

My one comment is that you will be restricting your pool of sitters by requiring them to have a vehicle. With car rental costs being prohibitive for most, you are looking at those who will be in the US with vehicles. Not impossible, but just a smaller pool of those who can apply, that’s all. Perhaps give consideration to whether a vehicle is essential, or preferable. If you search with the magnifying glass, you’ll see lots of posts about this topic.

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@YvonneS welcome to the forum, and to your first taste of THS. So pleased you found your way here, and glad we had a chance to ‘chat’ this morning! Best of luck in your search….this is a great group of pet-loving folks :blush:

thaks Joanne, it was your encouraging words when I posted my first request that has helped me get this far. Be well and safe travels. Hopefully we shall meet one day!