Introducing Myself to THS from Bremerton, WA, USA

Hello all, Ella & Kent here from Bremerton, WA. We live here with our two dogs, Mary & Lucy. Now that both of us are retired & the Covid-19 lockdowns seem to be over, for now at least, we’re looking forward to traveling the US and abroad. We are excited to have found this community and hope to find some pet & house sitters that we can adore.


Hi @MarysMom

On behalf of the forum team, a warm welcome to the TrustedHousesitter’s community. We would love to see some pictures of your fur babies Mary & Lucy.

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All the very best and happy travels,

Julie & the Forum Team


Hi Ella. I"m sure you’ll find the perfect match on here. We looked at your posting when it came up. The pups are adorable and it looks like it would be a ton of fun.

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Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your feedback. Would you be so kind as to look at my posting and let me know what I can improve? It’s our first time posting.

Be kind to all beings


Hi. Can I add my 2 cents to this? The only things I would expand on, as a homeowner, are how long the dogs can stay home alone. Is 4 hours alone at home ok, or too long? It would help a potential sitter decide if they should apply, based on their plans in the area.

Also, the vegan aspect might need a bit more explanation. I 100% understand the not cooking or consuming meat in the house. How would you feel if a sitter were to bring cheese, eggs, yogurt etc. in? Since one of you is pescetarian, it seems like there might be some flexibility. From my standpoint, I would have no problem being completely veg in someone’s household, since we live that way about 80-90% of the time anyway, but dairy is my downfall. If you clarify that portion a bit more, you might get greater resonance.

Honestly, I think your profile is great though. Adorable dogs, tons of photos, lots of info. What more could you need? Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your reply. I truly appreciate & value your input. I’ll work on the dietary angle as I can see it might be confusing.

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