Hello from Seattle (Issaquah)

Just a note saying Hi to all!! Looking forward to enjoying the friendship that I believe is here with our 4 legged families. we are a couple that love to travel. and still make sure our “kids” are taken care of, 2 dogs one older Norfolk Terrrier 14+ years old and a youngen Great Pyrenes just 1 year old and both are a love… We don’t need much other than loving the kids and keeping them happy.

Dave and Shannon


Hi @DaveShannon and “kids” welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from the beautiful PNW … your family sound like the pawfect company for a sitter looking for new best furry friends and your GP will have love to spare … in quality and quantity, we’d love to see a pic of them both, little and large.

Enjoy meeting other members, do explore the conversations on the forum and we look forward to sharing in your THS adventure.

Angela and the Team

Thank you for your note but, I can’t find where I would find a place to add the photos

Hi @DaveShannon you can drag and drop photos in a reply to this message …

Angela, I just got a confirmation from Trusted Housesitters that a new posting can only post once. So therefore I can’t put the pictures in. Hope you can if not thanks for trying


Hi @DaveShannon you do have two adorable furry family members and a lovely home in a very pretty location … the PNW is one of my favorite parts of the world, but then I am a BC “Vancouverite” :canada:

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A pleasure to meet you, eh.

We’re looking forward to a good relationship during this later part of our lives……

It would appear communication is the crucial common dominator for an enjoyable relationship…

Dave and Shannon

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