Just arrived and question

Hi Everyone
I am Angie and I am from the UK - Bolton to be exact, but have just come back from the USA (Seattle) to be closer to family. Unfortunately, none of my family members have any furbabies, and I need my fixes, so I joined THS to get some puppy love and to be able to travel and get away from family sometimes :grinning:
I am pretty open to everywhere in the UK. I have tons of experience with animals, having fostered many dogs from rescue organisations, and being a licensed “Small Animal” massage practitioner back in the US, but have not had a THS gig yet here.
Without reviews, have any of you had a problem getting your first assignment?
I have no idea how long it takes, whether I should be applying for just one at a time or many? Any advice is welcome
My best to you all


Welcome. I just joined TH a few weeks ago, and already have 3 sits arranged. The first 2 are fairly close to home, and just a few days long. The short sits are less appealing to many sitters, so the competition isn’t as fierce. I’m doing these sits as a way to get good reviews, so I can increase my chances for the more popular locations. I also asked a few friends to write external reviews while I’m waiting for reviews from TH sits.

Good luck. There are tons of sits advertised in the UK, so I imagine you won’t have a problem getting started.


Hi Angie, welcome to our Community Forum and to TrustedHousesitters … thank you for joining us from the Upper Pacific NW now via Bolton, I’ve landed in Scotland from Vancouver, BC and Bainbridge Island!!

You’ve created a great informative profile, with lovely images and 3 excellent references which owners look for as well as a personalised application with a compelling reason for why you want to be their pet’s sitter and home carer.

Applying for local and short sits, when you can, is the best way to get started, it may take a number of applications. I applied for many before I was successful, other sitters I know were successful on their first try, one thing to remember is that we all started in exactly the same place … the beginning.

Enjoy the conversations, connecting with other members, we can’t wait to share in your new and exciting pet lovers journey.

Once again welcome

Angela and the Team


@angehughes welcome home and good luck with finding your first sit. I was very lucky getting my first sit with no reviews as the sitter who had been locked in cancelled at short notice and the HO just grabbed the first new applicant which happened to be me! It will help if you have a strong profile highlighting the experience you bring from the states and some references from people there whos animals you have looked after is important also. Check the THS site often and just keep applying and if you get knocked back dont get disheartened just move on to the next application that interests you.

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Hi @angehughes, and welcome, just wanted to say that not having any reviews as you are new to the site does not necessarily mean you won’t be accepted as a sitter, the people that we have just accepted too sit for us in November are also New and haved no reviews as yet…:grinning:


Hi @angehughes - Welcome to the group!
You may not have any reviews but you do seem to have lots of experience to share with homeowners. Think of it the same that you would when writing a job application - impress with all the experience with animals and home care you have under your belt.
Apply for as many as you want but be sure you are only applying for sits that you feel capable to do.
My hometown is Manchester so I always keep an eye on the region for visits - there are a few listings in the area at the moment that seem possible for you to apply for
Good Luck


I’m sure you’ll land a sit with those credentials. Someone took a chance on me a few years ago with no prior housesitting experience and I’ve just done my fourth sit for the same family!


Welcome! Apply apply apply and apply!
I am American and have done many many sits in the UK :uk:!