Hiya from Seattle, WA ,USA!

I’ve just joined this site, but have taken care of pets before.

I’m only doing local sits at the moment, but I can’t wait to explore longer stays further away in the future!

Other sitters, what’s the coolest place you’ve pet sit-ed before? How competitive was it to be selected?
For home owners, what’s the best thing a sitter could do for you that’d make you go ‘wow, I want them to sit again for me’?


Welcome, and great questions!

As a sitter, my favourite sit so far was a lovely farm in the Cotswolds, we had two brilliant dogs, free run of 100 acres of horse pasture and two free ranging Kunekune pigs. It was fantastic! I applied for it really early so I don’t think it was that competitive. I’ve never applied for any of the more tropical sits, I imagine there is stiff competition for them!

As a homeowner, I’ve had a few sitters from another site before I joined TH and the level of engagement was what really made a difference for me. We once had a couple come from Vancouver to housesit for our hobby farm in Ontario, I was a little nervous as it was the first time we had anyone look after our dog, chickens, guinea fowl and pigs but they sent photos every day and even made us a delicious home-cooked dinner for our return.

I felt so reassured that everything was in capable hands and it meant the world to me. We haven’t had sitters in quite some time as we have been the sitters ourselves over the last few years, but that is the feeling that I really want the homeowners I sit for to have.


Hi @lixie.pad Welcome to the Forum and to TrustedHousesitters and what a great couple of questions! Starting off locally is the very best way to build up your profile and experience, my first sit was literally 10 mins from my home … since then I’ve been around the world and back and I’m sure you will too when travel returns once more and it will.

Enjoy being here in the forum and being part of our amazing community, you’ll get lots of help and inspiration from other members … thank you for joining and once again welcome.

Angela and the team

Greetings - I’m sitting in Seattle now, finishing up 10 days with a senior pug tomorrow in the Ravenna/NE Seattle area.
Most all of my 23 sits so far have been pretty delightful. One highlight was early on - almost 3 weeks with 2 black labs and 2 cats in a 19th century listed ‘castle’ in Somerset, UK followed by 10 days in Edinburgh with a flat coat retriever. The castle had land - a lawn, woods, a lake and the dogs and I wandered about every day. Edinburgh was in the city with bus connections for sightseeing.
Another really enjoyable sit was a week on Jeju Island, Korea sitting with a couple who teach in one of the English language schools there. Jeju is a delight - art, kitsch, farms, beaches (although I was there in winter). That sit ended just as Covid lockdowns were starting and Delta AL took good care of me getting me home as my schedule flight was cancelled.
Take care.

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Thank you for sharing @toml you’ve had some amazing pet sitting stays … we can’t wait to hear more. Safe travels and happy onward sits.