Hi from Sammamish, near Seattle, WA!

Hello from sunny Sammamish, WA, about 25min from Seattle! I’m Keri, my husband & I work from home & have 2 adorable rescue Yorkies & 2 sister kitties, and we’re hoping to use this site to let others enjoy our home & the area while also providing our pets with the stability of staying at home with their routines while we travel.

I excitedly made a listing last week for a trip to a friend’s wedding in May, but haven’t had much response. I’ve read lots here & tweaked the pictures, home/area info, etc, and I would appreciate any further feedback or tips to make it garner more interest. I especially can’t decide what picture should be the first one, pets or the outside or inside of the home!? It’s impossible to get all the pets in one pic lol.

Hi @jkjetsetters welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters … can’t decide about your listing pics? This forum conversation has some great sitter member feedback What attracts you to the pics in a listing?

and there is great advice articles on our website blog Blog | TrustedHousesitters.com

You live in a beautiful part of the world,. I’ve just come back to Dan Diego from Bainbridge Island and I would not be too concerned about applications, you’ve put the link in your forum profile which will help other members review and I’m sure you will get some great feedback.

Being a Premium Member you can take advantage of boosting your listing and you can reach out to members to proactively invite them to your sit, this is another post which helps owners with their listings and expectations.


Welcome again and you have a delightful furry family there are many sitter who will adore sharing their company …

Angela and the Team

Hi and welcome! I’m in Seattle. Your listing looks great. The only tweaks you might want to make are to clear off all but appliances from the kitchen counters and re-take those photos. The front of the house might be a better option for the landing photo.

Hi @Katie nice to ‘meet’ you! Thanks for the feedback, I put it back to the front of the house for the main pic, it does show the home & scenery well. I see what you mean about the kitchen but I was trying to show the state it will be in when the sitter arrives, based on other posts I’d read about pics. I can’t retake today but will soon if it doesn’t get more interest. Thanks again!

Hi Angela, thanks so much for the feedback & info! I did read that one about pics & a few other threads, but it seems some people want to see the front or back of a home & some prefer to see the pets as the first pic :woman_shrugging: I’ll stick with the home for now!

So nice that you were on Bainbridge, we just spent a day there a couple months ago. It’s so lovely, as is the whole area like you mentioned. The lushness of nature around here is amazing.

I will boost the dates & reach out to sitters as well, thank you!