Hi, we're new from the Puget Sound (Seattle-Tacoma)

We were referred by our sitter-friend and by our HO friends. But apparently not in time. We need a sitter next week :o. What do I do now?

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Welcome kandk to the forum, very helpful for all of us, owners and sitters
You don’t say much about your needs. Where are you, which country, what kind of pets and for how long do you need someone? Did you publish your advert, following all rhe advices given by THS on their website where you registered ?

Hello @kandk and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our community forum - sounds like you have some great friends :slight_smile: I’ve had a quick look at your listing and it looks great with lots of lovely photos and a thorough description. We’ll do what we can to try and help you get this sit filled with someone to look after your cats and chickens.

Is there any flexibility on the dates? Are you on a fixed schedule? The sit mentions a car is needed, but could a sitter manage with public transport? Have you reached out to any sitters directly who are listed as in your area? Are you aware of the option to invite sitters? Just a few immediate thoughts.

Because the sit is due to start within a week it does show as a “LAST MINUTE” listing which will help highlight the sit to anyone looking in the area. I’m tagging @Angela-CommunityManager and @Therese-MembershipService to see if there are any other suggestions, and it might be possible that Angela can share on our social media channels. All the best for now, Vanessa

@kandk I have also boosted your listing so shows as ‘new’ This means that it goes to the top of our webpage and is sent out by email/notifications to all the available sitters. There may be some sitters that missed it initially. Please do keep in close touch with us.

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Hi @kandk welcome to our community and to the Forum you live in a stunning part of the world and your listing is great and you have some excellent suggestion from Vanessa and Therese has helped boost your listing. We can share across our Social Media platforms to give more exposure to members, do let me know if this is something you would like done.


@provence Thank you for your response. As this post says, we’re in the Puget Sound area. I did make a full posting with all the details of our needs. Didn’t want to re-post everything here!

@Angela-CommunityManager This is AMAZING customer service! Thank you!

@Therese-MembershipService, this is AMAZING customer service! Thank you!

Yes, but we normal members (except the admins) cannot click your name and automatically see your listing. This is not how the forum works :wink:


@Vanessa-Admin This is fabulous! I will go update my post with a few more details. Is there an existing post for HO questions about loaning out your own vehicle? Insurance, mileage, etc?

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@Düsenzofe, Oh! Thank you for telling me! We need a sitter in the Puget Sound area (Washington State, USA) 9/13-9/27. Two indoor cats, 2 small fish tanks, 2 outdoor cats, and a chicken coop. Comfy, lived-in house, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 3 patios (!), vegetable/fruit/herb garden in season (might need watering), on four acres.

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This sounds amazing! I wish you good luck! Hopefully someone will be able to sit for you :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Good luck and I hope you find someone soon. There have been a few topics on cars… here are links to a few … have a read through, but if you don’t find your specific answer please do start a new topic… I’m absolutely sure the community will have some answers for you.

Take care!

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Hi @kandk we shared your listing on our TrustedHousesitters Facebook page, we didn’t include any specific location details or the listing link but shared the opportunity and the area being the Pacific Northwest which can help get more members to search for it on the site.