Hi from Jay in Portland, USA

I’m fairly new to TH, having hosted 3 short sits this summer. I have 3 sweet cats and a big home in Southwest Portland right next to a big nature park. We’ve had a lovely fall so far so I hope someone is interested in coming to our beautiful area!


welcome - I’m sure you will enjoy being part of the THS community.

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Hi @JN_PortlandOR,

Welcome to the forum so glad to hear you have had success in the past finding sitters for your three cats through THS. Your upcoming sit is during a very busy time of year for most sitters. I do recommend looking through to see if anyone has saved your listing and reach out to them if their calendars show availability. If you haven’t already make use of the “Find a sitter” function and start reaching out to sitters ASAP. We booked our Holiday season sitter four months ago because we have learned from past experience that the early bird does indeed get the worm as so so many sitters book further in advance for holiday sits.

Next, I see that you mentioned you had three sits through THS I only see one review. Have you reached out to the other sitters to see if there is a reason they haven’t left a review? or maybe they have just forgotten…either way It would be good to get those other reviews to help entice sitters for your upcoming sit. Portland is no doubt a very desirable location…if I were to be even more nit picky about your Listing I would also recommend taking photos of bedrooms with the beds made. The extra effort shows sitters that you care and are trying to provide a clean, tidy and inviting place to stay while they care for your pets. It’s also very good that your dates are before Christmas and after New Years as travel expenses for sitters can be quite steep on certain dates. I wish you good luck in finding a great sitter for your kitties!

@JN_PortlandOR I suggest you change your listing title to ‘Flexible dates - let’s discuss’. This is likely an important detail in your listing that might attract more sitters.