Just posted first listing for a sit in Portland, OR

Hello all, we joined a few weeks ago and just posted our first listing. I think I followed the instructions that link that sit to my profile on the forum.

I wrote a lot, and was hoping to get some feedback from some seasoned pet sitters as to whether I mentioned the important things in my list. What’s missing? What did I overdo?

We’re hoping this works out for us for the trip we’re planning for in March, as well as future trips!



Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
Your listing is extremely well done and very thorough.
Love everything about it and I see you already have several applicants so I have no doubt you will be booked in no time just make sure you select the person you feel is the best match and will be as dedicated as you have demonstrated.
All the best!

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Hi @jmech_pdx and welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for joining we look forward to sharing in your new THS journey.

Thank you to @Amparo for some great feedback and encouraging comments and I have to agree with her, your listing is great, Pepper and Jett are adorable and who wouldn’t like the opportunity to stay with them in OR in the springtime.

You will find our community to be really supportive and helpful so feel free to ask any questions and welcome again.

Angela and the Team


I don’t think you need to worry about missing any details in your listing, honestly yours is so thorough it’s one of the best listings I’ve ever seen on TrustedHousesitters. Actually it might be the best!

You’ve given so much information and answered so many of the standard questions, as well as given insight into who you are, I think anybody would be lucky to sit for you! Plus how cute are Pepper & Jett, they’re adorable and sound like great fun. Welcome to TH and best of luck finding the perfect sitter/s, I am sure you will have your choice of great candidates!


Hi Joanne, @jmech_pdx,
Your listing is really perfect and I’m sure you will have lots of applicants.
I found the details of Jett’s training and careers very interesting !
I wish you good luck on your THS journey,

A brilliant listing and wish I could apply for it, but am waiting until it’s easier to travel outside the UK without the extra cost involved in tests etc and the threat of things changing.
Anyway, you mention the dogs can be left at home unsupervised but not for how long - always useful to know!
You have a few applicants by the look of it so good luck with your first Housesitters - you’re unlikely to be disappointed!

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I almost have to laugh about your request for feedback; yours is the best profile I’ve seen thus far! You won’t have any problems.


That’s what I thought! Pretty much the perfect listing in my opinion!

As others have noted - one of the best postings I’ve ever seen. And were I not already sitting for those dates, I’d apply.
I sat for 3 weeks in the Hollywood neighborhood last April-May and would be happy to return to Portland. Really is an easy city to get around in.


@jmech_pdx You must be doing something right as I see you already have quite a few applicants! Personally, I love the “non-dog” activities section :slight_smile: