HO (and future sitter) in Portland, OR seeking sitters

Hello! Newbie here. Recently widowed and looking for ways to get out a bit without worrying about my home and my 3 kitties (who have possibly unwillingly become my therapy animals - I mean, they love me, but I’m extra needy). I completed my first short trip using a TH sitter and it went very well! I had two sitters apply for my first extended trip away in early July but both applicants had other plans before we could schedule a chat. I’m still hopeful I’ll get new applicants. Any tips?


Welcom @sitsandstays. Your listing looks very good and the photos are great. Love that Responsibilities is penned by Princess!

My suggestions are:

?are the cats indoors only
?transportation options if someone were wanting to travel into Portland - what’s interesting to see and do once there (fab city BTW)
?what interesting sites are nearby and transport options
?Princess mentions that they are used to having you around “a lot” - does that mean your expectation is the same for a sitter or is there a maximum number of hours for someone to be away from the home
?you mention a previous THS sitter, but there is no review - have you requested one (hopefully positive)
?there’s a picture of a black cat in your photos, but not in Meet the Pets

Hi @sitsandstays and welcome to the forum. I’ll add to the points already mentioned.

  • I would re-word your headline, as it’s your first sales pitch. The website displays less words than the app, but still key words don’t display right now (keeping in mind that 'Beaverton" shows below this wording):


Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 4.52.32 PM


Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 5.16.58 PM

  • You mention stores within a 2-minute walk and yet say a car is needed. This limits your range of sitters. Instead I suggest you add information on transit in your area - bus, train, Uber, etc. - and perhaps consider whether you’d be willing to pick up and drop off within a certain distance. Removing that need for a car is important.

  • Asking someone to arrive on a major holiday can be limiting or create transit problems. If you could leave a day earlier, that might make it easier for some sitters. That is difficult to assess though.

Hi @Snowbird. Thanks so much for your input! Will make some changes and see what happens! Not sure why I can’t view the screenshot, though. Maybe my browser? Anyway, thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

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Hi @PetSitterBug. Thank you for these great suggestions. I’ll address all of them! I see all 3 cats when I look at “meet the pets” - is that not you’re seeing?

Hello @sitsandstays and welcome to the Forum! As you can see already, we have a dedicated and active community here, with many resources and tips for enhancing your pet adventures.

Thanks to @PetSitterBug and @Snowbird your listing is much improved and looks highly desirable. The purrrrty photos of Mr. Weasley, Marge McGillikitty and Princess Peppercorn are all there, too. Gotta love your sense of humor :joy_cat:

Wishing you many happy trails ahead and we look forward to seeing where you go!
The Forum Team

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Thank you, @KarenS-Moderator! Very grateful for the help. @PetSitterBug, I asked for a review from my sitter and she already posted it for me. Thanks everyone!

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I do see the 3 cats in Meet the Pets. What I was referring to was a fourth black cat in your photos.

Oh, ok. I had more than one pic with her in it. I deleted one today (of her and Marge). I think I still have two pics of Mr. Weasley, though. I can’t help it. He’s so handsome! :slight_smile:

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