Hello from Luna's Homeowners in Poulsbo, WA

We’re looking forward to our third adventure with help from THS! Though still pretty new at this, we so super satisfied with our first two times that we’ve already shared this fantastic site with friends. Joe retired this summer and we’re excited to have the freedom to hit the road. THANK YOU to the THS community!

We live with one very friendly black cat in a big, beautiful, and comfortable house on 2.5 acres surrounded by woods- yet minutes from two small, vibrant cities both with cute old-town waterfronts and much nearby hiking, beach walking, and “cafes with water-views”.
We’re a short ferry ride (or drive) to spots like Seattle, Port Townsend, and The Olympic National Park, with easy access to shopping, museums, huge trees & waterfalls, “culture”, and of course food. (If you want to "get away, just sit outside on one of our decks or settle inside cozy by a fireplace.

NOTE: We are in need of a THS VERY soon. We started the process with plenty of time, but our confirmed sitter suddenly cancelled due to an emergency. Hopefully she is okay; hopefully this is rare occurrence; and hopefully, we’ll find another fantastic sitter quickly! Are you available???

QUESTION TO HOMEOWNERS: Do you “hire” sitters without a reviewed history? Any tips?

QUESTION TO SITTERS: What do you really enjoy or appreciate when you show up at a house? (How can we make your settling in relaxing, fun, and easier for you?)

Hey- Hope you are doing well and that you are looking forward to the changing season, Hope to hear back from you.

Amy & Joe (and Luna)


Hi. I remember seeing your profile and thinking it was great. The description of Luna was funny (puddles and toilets). The house looks very comfortable and inviting. Honestly, sitting on the couch with a cat and a stack of books sounds like a great way to spend time, and if we were in WA during this time, we would have applied.

You asked about what would make a sit with you more inviting? Maybe just identify the easiest way for a sitter to get to you from SEATAC. Are Lyft/Uber active in your area, in case a sitter doesn’t want to rent a car and just needs a quick run to the grocery store once a week? I also liked that you were clear about areas t he sitter can use and areas you would prefer they not go into. That makes me think you’ll be clear about other information as well, which I consider a total bonus. I would rather have more info than less.

I’m sure you’ll find a great sitter. That area of western Washington is so beautiful and hanging out with a social cat on a rainy day sounds like absolute heaven.

Hey Thanks!!

I felt like my Welcome Guide was a novel bordering on an encyclopedia. It actually is a handy document for all sorts of things and had questions that I never thought to detail!

I really appreciate your very thoughtful answer and you clearly do remember the listing! Hopefully, one day ups will be here. (The rain thing might disappoint. We’ve had blue skies and sunshine of late…and low humidity, of course. But who says you can’t stay inside in PJs even if it’s gorgeous outside, lol.)

Yes, you are right in that I did outline all the ways I could think of for transportation to/fro Seatac- from airport shuttle (1/4 mil from our house) to public transportation which would be a minor adventure using bus or taxi to ferry, walk to train to airport. I would think a car is necessary but then it’s because I’d want to get out and explore. For a “homebody” seeking quiet/privacy on our decks or by the fire, perhaps grocery delivery from supermarkets would be a good option.

Hello @AmyNJoe and lovely to hear you are looking forward to your 3rd adventure. Thank you for sharing your experiences… After almost 10 years of house sitting we still find ourselves telling everyone we can… simply because it’s provided us (and soooo many pets) with the best of lifestyles!

Sorry to hear about the cancellation… you aren’t quite in the last minute sit category yet (7 days out) but if you haven’t filled by the 1st October do pop it here in the Last Minute Sit category and with your permission we can help at that point by sharing on social media.

In the meantime, you have 2 great questions that I think may get missed (or not get such general engagement), so why not start a couple of topics in the Owner/Sitter Exchange categories here in the forum. Will create some good feedback I’m sure!

I can see you are already enjoying finding your way around the forum… have fun and I hope you find a replacement cat sitter very soon for lovely Luna!

Happy Sunday!

UPDATE: I see you are already ahead of me!! :rofl: :rofl:

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You have no idea how much we appreciate a full novel about the house, pets and emergency contacts. I would much rather have too much info. Anything from personality quirks of the pet to what an owner’s preferences are. We the humans can adjust to those so much more easily than a pet could adjust to having their routine turned upside down!

The only reason I mention public transport for a longer sit is that I’ve just checked on rental car pricing in fall for Seattle. We were considering a 2 month sit at the end of next year, but the smallest rental car is 4k for that timeframe. Ouch! But if you have grocery delivery in your area, that would be great to list as well. I know your area has a Costco and a Safeway in SIlverdale, so we would be set with those :slight_smile:

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@AmyNJoe I like a folding luggage rack. Lol. I’ve sat in some homes with limited drawer or closet space, and that’s OK. Sometimes it’s a studio apartment so I don’t expect space.
I do well living out of my suitcase.

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@Harris2 I love lots of info too.

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When do you want to come? Sounds like we need to plan a trip just so you can stay,lol!

We have more drawers and an empty hanging closet in the bedroom than most people have in their own:)

PS we left our sitter a gift card to a cute local cafe… And snacks/chocolate in their personal space. I hope (and expect) this is enjoyed.

LOL, we already have tickets to fly back to the US for next June and early July, and nothing scheduled yet. If you find that you want to get away (although, who wants to leave WA in summer???), we’d be happy to Luna-sit. I have a trilogy that I’ve wanted to read for a bit, and just need the appropriate cat companion :slight_smile:


Let’s correspond by message. We often head north during the summer as it’s beautiful there and too cold most of the year. Tell us your dates and we’ll see what we can do:)

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Perfect, sending you a message now.

I looked at your listing and it is interesting! I’ve done a few Seattle sits and have another next Feb, San Juan Island, and will sit on Whidbey in a few weeks. But I’m booked for you current dates - Vancouver Island, Whidbey, then the East Bay.
You ask about things that make for a better sit. I second the request for a luggage rack. And a bedside table, reading lamp, and convenient electrical outlet to charge the phone and such bedside.
And for me, use of a car - I travel all over to sit and rentals are just too expensive now.

Thanks for the info! We have bed lamp, power bar in headboard, and two empty dressers, closet, and nightstands/headboard- no luggage stand.

So far, we haven’t chosen to loan car. Might reconsider eventually…?

@toml yes to wanting reading lamps!