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Hello everyone!

My husband and I have been with TH for at least 6 years and what a difference it has made to our lives. We are house-owners in South West France and the freedom of being able to come and go (especially pre Covid!) is tremendous. We have a slightly different set up to most people in that we have a separate cottage for house sitters and we prefer to offer long term sits. When we are not travelling, we stay in our main house, and the big bonus is actually getting to know the sitters who live in the cottage. We’ve met some truly amazing people - most of whom have become good friends. Before we had sitters, we were unable to have pets. Now we have 2 dogs who have brought us great joy - and it seems this is reciprocated with the sitters!

I’ve just spent a little (too much!) time reading through various posts and topics. Very useful it has been too. And I look forward to to dipping in and out in the future…

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Hi Amanda, welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us from France.

What a lovely introduction. Thank you for being part of our community for 6 years, you must have many stories to tell and friends you have shared your THS journey with.

We love that TrustedHousesitters has made a difference and created the opportunity for you to have pets in your lives once again and that sitters are enabling you to still enjoy travel, so many pet owners believe they cannot have both, until they are introduced to TrustedHousesitters.

There’s so much here on the forum, our members are supportive, helpful and often give great advice we’re sure you have some too.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

Angela & The Team


Lovely to meet you and welcome you to forum @musketeer
Establishing relationships with new friends has been the unexpected surprise and added so much joy to these experiences. Your place and your warm introduction is a pleasure to read.

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@musketeer a nice post and what part of France are you based? I spent four months in Brittany a few years ago doing Workaway (volunteer work on farms etc) looking after goats, dogs, cats and poultry. I might be intrested in sitting for you at some stage though pretty booked up for the year. Perhaps you could get in touch?

Thats really interesting, @musketeer thank you for posting, because in many ways that is our situation here in Hampshire UK except we do share kitchen with the sitters who are otherwise in a separate cottage on site, but with use of the reception areas of the main house during their stay. We are very new to the process. We are relocating to NYC for a few years for my husbands work which is why we want long term sitters to build a committed long term house and cat sitting relationship with. We have been told very clearly by THS that as soon as any of us arrive back on site for any reason at all (we are hoping only to have to do this in exceptional circumstances) the arranged Sit comes to a finish by mutual notification of Housesitters and any staying on of the Sitters is by private agreement only, to fulfil the THS Insurance requirements. Is this how it works for you? Do your sitters contribute to bills at all?

@musketeer Hi Amanda and welcome to the forum. We are also in France on a long-term sit in Bourgogne, through until next April and absolutely loving our time here (so much we became residents and have now bought land and the ubiquitous French barn!). Sounds like you have a lovely setup and beautiful dogs… I will keep an eye out next year for your listings!

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