New to Community

Hello Everyone.

We are John and Caroline. We have recently joined Trustedhousesitters and are actively applying for our first house/pets sit.
We are finding the site well organised and very easy to use. There is so much helpful advice to make the experience for owner and sitter a positive one.
Obviously it is hard at first because a lot of home owners who have been on the site for years will have their own particular favourites.
The COVID restrictions are making life difficult for everyone but we are determined to persevere and become a real part of this wonderful community.
It is very encouraging when an owner acknowledges our application even though they have chosen someone else.
At the moment we are at our holiday home in Spain but plan to return to Portugal soon.

We are having a lovely time browsing the website.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year

John and Caroline


Hello John and Caroline a very warm welcome to the forum and to our TrustedHousesitters community, thank you for the lovely introduction into your lives, loves and travels.

As you have found out there are many great tips for “newbies” from both newbies themselves and our more experienced members, the thing to remember is even those with numerous THS reviews started from exactly the same place and there is no denying the COVID effect but there are many great sits on the site it’s a case of being fully prepared, flexible and always having a plan B …

I have also DM’d you about a point on your profile … which is great by the way, I love your artwork!

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

Welcome @CarolineJohn1 to this wonderful community of pet lovers! We are also new to THS having joined in October. Keep applying for those sits, and the right match with a HO seeking a sitter will happen. It appears that the holidays have an abundance of openings, if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Best of luck in your journey!


Thanks Joanne. I hope you find many lovely sits. Happy Christmas and New Year.
Warm regards. Caroline

Thank you @CarolineJohn1, we start our first local sit tomorrow, then another sit.for Christmas and NYE immediately following it. The holidays are the best time to start off with sitting.

Amazing well done! I hope all goes well for you