New to the website

Hi looking for hints and tips for being a new user of this website we are looking for house sitters and impressed so far


Welcome! I am sure more senior forum members will have some more tips, but I’ll start off :slight_smile:

When creating a listing, make sure to add pictures of the house (specifically the areas the sitter will be using) and of course pictures of the pets.

When describing the sit, keep in mind what kind of sitter you prefer. A family, couple, single, what kind of personality etc. Do they need a car and/or is there public transport available?

It also helps to mention in the listing if the pet can stay alone and if so, for how many hours. That way you can make sure you find the right match (not good to have a sitter that likes to go sightseeing if you have a pet with separation anxiety). Does the pet need medication, how many walks a day (if it’s a dog).

Are there any plants that need watering, any gardenwork. Is the WiFi stable and fast enough for someone that works online.

If you have your listing all sorted, you should receive applications from sitters. Just make a shortlist and have some videochats with sitters to see who would be a good match.

Good luck with the listing and I am sure you find the right sitter here!


Hi @fromhampshire a very warm welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters and thank you @Stefanie thank you for helping with some really excellent advice.

You will find our community incredibly helpful and supportive sharing their experience and insights also there are excellent articles on the website Blog for new members, owners and sitters to help you get started.

Articles on how to choose photographs for your listing and preparing for your sitters

Please feel free to ask any questions and explore the many conversations on the Forum … thank you again for joining and we look forward to sharing in your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Angela and the Team