Hello from a home and dog owner

Hello all, brand new to this site and a home owner and dog caregiver. I’ve find lurking briefly on the forum a good way to learn how it all works and what expectations and assumptions people have. I’ve had a lot of responses for my sit (we live in a popular European city and have small dogs) and am feeling a bit unskilled for the next stage of trying to find someone! Reading the responses has helped me clarify who I can see with my dogs but not sure I could justify any of this if it was a proper recruitment process! I hope to find someone softhearted and patient, I think that’s the main thing.

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Hello @Catarina and welcome. I assume you have received five applications and the system has now paused your listing. I suggest you first decide if any of those are not suitable, and decline those with a polite note.

If you can then shortlist to perhaps two that seem to be best suited, I would suggest arranging a video chat with either your #1 choice at that stage, or both. If both, be open and explain that you are meeting with two and give a timeline when you expect to make a decision.

At a video chat, you’re more likely to pick up on someone who you feel will be ‘softhearted and patient’. Don’t necessarily feel obligated to make a decision while on the call. However, keep in mind that most sitters are applying to more than one sit. The more decisive you can be, the more likely you are to have your first choice be available.

This is not a ‘proper’ recruitment process, but more of a gut instinct. You are skilled and you don’t have to justify your choice to anyone other than yourself. You may want to have a chat with your dogs about who you like, but chances are they will trust you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome, @Catarina!

@Snowbird’s detailed advice is great. Also, it would help us all give more contextual help if you shared your listing. You aren’t supposed to post it directly, but you link to it in your forum profile. But at least that way, it’s one-and-done!

And let us know where you are in your “recruitment process”! =) :grin: