Any advice on selecting sitters?

We posted a sit for March of this year. This is our first time using THS and are wondering if anyone has any advice on how to select your sitter(s)? My received 5 applications that all sound great! Do you do a video chat with all of them to help you choose? Do you try to narrow down to a couple of choices? We are a little nervous about the whole thing and don’t want to rush the process, but also don’t want to keep the people waiting too long either. Would love some insight into how others make the selection.

Hello @Pgeiger

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I am so pleased to hear that you have received applicants for your sit already! That is great news.
In my experience it is a good idea to set up a video call with your preferred applicant/s and get the opportunity to meet them via video and ask any questions that you may have and answer any of their questions about the sit. This often gives you a good feel of the applicant and do not feel pressured if you would like to sleep on it. Remembering it is a two way street and the sitters will also use the call to make sure that the sit is right for them. Letting the sitter know that you will let them know the next day, as sitters often need to confirm plans soon after the video call incase they have other sits lined up. But still do not feel pressured and trusting your gut is always a good way to go!

Where are you heading to in March?

Best wishes Carla

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I would try and evaluate the qualities that most appeal to you and choose the sitter that checks the most boxes to do a video call, then if that doesn’t work out move down the short list for your next video call. You may lose a good sitter by waiting to have 5 calls completed and some sitters don’t like the feel of it being a ‘competition’


Welcome @Pgeiger. @Kootenaigirl makes some great points. I’d select 1 or 2 to video chat with. Ask any questions you want to get a good sense of a sitter to see if you’re a good fit. Leaving things too long can mean you lose a sitter. I had to withdraw from a sit post video chat recently as the HO wanted a week to think about which sitter to go with and in that time got offered another sit, which I accepted.


Hi and welcome @Pgeiger. I can’t see your listing but it is good news that you have received five applications already.
Please note that your listing will have automatically paused at five but you do not have to choose a sitter from the first five applicants.
If any are unsuitable you can decline with a short message and then unpause the listing to receive more applicants. Your gut feeling will let you know who is a good fit for your circumstances.
Some homeowners prefer a video chat and some a phone call. If sitters are local you may be able to meet up in person prior to the sit.
Personally I would shortlist two or three or you may become overwhelmed. Good Luck :crossed_fingers: