New to trustedhousesitters but not sure i'm doing it right

Hi, my name is Sara and I’m new to TrustedhHousesitters. I’m not sure if I’m doing everything right or not. I’ve applied for some house sits and the message says read but there are no replies it’s been 8 days now. I’ve looked back on the sit link and person is still looking for sitters. I was also invited to sit by another member and I said unfortunately I couldn’t do the dates she wanted on the first set she offered but I could do the other dates advertised, again I’ve not received a reply? Are replies anywhere else on the site or should they be under your applications bit? Hoping this isn’t the way it goes with no replies as I’d love to help but communication is key…any advice?

Sara x

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

If you want to add your Sitter profile link to your forum name, we can take a look at your profile and maybe give you some suggestions to make it more desirable.

Depending on where you’re applying it’s not always easy to get the first sit so make sure you have some good external references to start with and if you can, apply for some local sits first so you can get some good 5 star reviews.


Hi @SaraWK, big welcome here. I sent you a personal message but wanted to also echo @Kelownagurl 's comments about adding your link to your Forum listing. I’ve gone ahead and applied it so now when people see your comments they handily have access to your profile. Now folks can dive in and make suggestions for enhancements. You might also double check your listing for punctuation, etc.

I understand the challenge of getting started and also agree that to apply for local sits at first ‘puts you on the map,’ so to speak. There are so many reasons why it takes some longer than others to reply…work schedules, application overwhelm, different timezones…but do keep at it!

Your experience and passion for animals are outstanding. I am so impressed by your work as a marine tech and canine CPR. That is invaluable and no doubt huge selling points. And your experience with farm animals - not everyone has that skill set or comfort level.

I will look at your profile closer myself and see how we might help. Oh and the cucumber photo is too funny. Always good to show humor :joy:

Happy trails and tails :paw_prints:,
Karen S


I cannot access the profile at all. The link isn’t underlined, is that why? What aren’t I doing?

You have to copy/paste it into your browser

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I still can’t get it to work but never mind

Your profile is fabulous @SaraWK
My only recommendation is to get some references, character, work, previous experience.
Just keep putting yourself out there. apply apply apply

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Hi, yes please! would be great if you can add my profile link to forum name, is that something the admin/moderators do, or do i need to do it? and if so is there a step by step?

Many Thanks :slight_smile:
Sara x

Hi @SaraWK it’s already there for members to see. I love the pics with the seal, is that you with a stethoscope around your neck? I’m sure other member will help with their feedback so my initial comment would be to add external references to your profile, new sitter members with references have a higher success rate, it’s about instilling trust.

We look forward to sharing in your THS journey …

Angela and the Team

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It might not be you, it might well be them (sorry to say)! Any replies should be in your Inbox, whether you’re using the app or the website.

Your profile looks great - as a home-owner, I’d want to at least talk to you (if only to be nosy and get some marine mammal tech stories - amazing! :smiley: ) Agree with others: add some external references if you can. I’d definitely prefer to see a couple of references or reviews.


When you first join, your profile isnt hyperlinked (so as Myhnabird says, you must copy/paste it). It becomes hyperlinked when the member moves up a trust level.

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Great many thanks all, Ive ironically just been offered my first sit so im super excited they even have a pig :slight_smile:


Congrats on landing your first sit, it’s the beginning of a great adventure. And pigs are SO fun! :pig:

Yes thats me with the Steth and the Seal, my life is medical whether it be Human or Animal, thanks for the tips x

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HI @SaraWK I certainly agree with all the suggestions I have seen here and want to add one more. I would suggest you start with some local, short sits…maybe even try to find last minute sits in your area where owners are needing someone on short notice. Might be easier to secure one of those right away, thus getting you your first great review! Once you get a few reviews under your belt, you are going to find it easier and easier to get offers anywhere you want to travel!

I find a lot of people looking for sitters wait until they get a bunch of applications to respond. Others are going through the list as they come through and holding the others for back up. We recently had a couple reach out on an application we were sure had been filled only to have their other couple drop out.
Still others aren’t great about email and messaging. Don’t worry. Keep applying and to start, try to log some favorites so you get notifications when they list again, that way you can be in the first few.

I’m wondering @Molly42 now with the new ‘pause applications’ put in place, how quickly decisions about potential sitters, will be made by homeowners. If they are limited to 5 applications, they won’t be able to wait for bunches of applications any longer.

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I hope this helps.