Greetings from Oregon!

Hi all! I’ve been a member of THS for about two years now, but I’m new to this community :grinning:

My husband and I are full-time travelers who now teach trip planning mastery. We have been using the past year to start a new online course that systemizes and streamlines the trip planning process to get you traveling faster and with less stress (with lots of money-saving tips along the way).

We both adore our kitties at home and missed them dearly while we were traveling (before covid hit). I was so ecstatic to discover THS, because it meant I could get some much-desired feline interaction - AND get free lodging along with it!

We hope to resume our travels next spring, though it’s somewhat dependent on our aging 19-year-old cat. She’s incredibly healthy and might be a 32-year-old for all I know. But she’s needing increasing care, and I just hate to leave her.

I look forward to connecting with fellow pet lovers - especially if you’re from the PNW!

Hi all! :wave:


Hi @Zoby Welcome to our Community Forum and thank you for bringing a part of the beautiful state of Oregon to our day (I’m a PNW soul too … a Vancouver BC :canada: neighbor)

I’m fascinated by your Trip Planning Mastery it must include pet and housesitting … money saving and pet company to reduce the stress, what is the phrase “A marriage made in heaven” I’m sure you will have some great tips for our community.

We understand your reluctance to leave your senior kitty, leaving a senior family member for any time is a concern but being able to leave her safe and happy in her own home in the care of loving sitters would perhaps be possible for short trips away, you certainly are fortunate to have many amazing places right in your own backyard.

Thank you again for joining us, enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from all around the world.

Angela and the Team

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Wow! 10 years! I feel like a newbie! Welcome @Zoby!
Fabulous to connect with others who have an entrepreneurial spirit!
Would love to follow as I too am building and creating :globe_with_meridians:

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