Hi ! greetings from Italy!

My name is Donatella, I am a 60 years old lady, very fit and still active, in work and life.
I lave pets ! that’s the reason why I am here and I would love to try this amazing service; I 'been having cats since longime and a Choco Lab for 13 years.
I am alone and divorced and would love much more to have holiday with fur companions than alone.
I am very expert on caring, medication, both for cats and dogs, so your pets will be in good hands with me.
I would like to find a place near cities (London, Paris, others) to be able to see Museum and Exhibition in spare time, but I will arrange my time with work (I am a remote worker so I may spend some time at home connected) according to your pets needs.
I speak a good English so, no problem about update you about your pets happyness when you need it ( I am a anxious owner too !).
I am going to subscribe very soon,
Thank to the founder who had this brilliant idea !!!
All the best


Hello Donatella, I’ve only recently signed up too (as a home owner looking for a pet sitter). It’s great concept isnt it.

There are lots of home owners with sits waiting so sign up quickly and take your pick of the cities :star_struck:


A very warm welcome @Donatella
This is a very wonderful thing and I wish you much success in your pet sitting experiences and travels.

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Hi and Welcome @Donatella :wave:
Sounds like a lovely family you have there. I completely understand what you mean about

As this is me too, and a lot of others on here as well. I wish you the best in your searches, and adventures. Should you have any questions prior to joining or even after, there are lots of people here that are friendly and willing to help. I know I look forward to seeing you around, and the adventures you share.
-Deb :heart:


Welcome. Greetings from Australia.