Joining your community

Mary here! hello. I am newly joined and looking forward to helping you.

I am 68 and I own homes in Brooklyn and Puglia, Italy (I airbnb it when I am not there…) and currently live in St Louis MO. I have traveled a bunch and am a now retired Prof of Drawing and an artist. I am in good physical shape to handle various sitting situations.

I joined for various reasons, one of which is that I anticipate a change in my living status and given that I am not sure where I will want to settle in making this transition, I thought a solution might be to pet or house sit.

I love animals and currently have a 7 year old whippet. Before that, 2 Bouviers and then cats also in the past, 2 horses when I was young and tropical fish; Mom had a parakeet. I have not done any pet sitting just yet, but this summer I rescued an adorable puppy in Calabria and rehomed her (with alot of work!) in Ostuni, Puglia and I will be visiting her new home when it works out, that I can pet/house sit for her new owners. I really look forward to it!

As for my experience, as a home owner (and landlord) I know the many ways that things can go wrong and how to handle them. I manage all kind of issues also for my property in Italy, most often, long distance and I speak Italian. Therefore I would be able to handle issues and responsibilities that arise in your property there. I do also love Mexico and would love to consider a house/pet sit there as well, I have traveled to CDMX, Oaxaca and SMAllende, but I would consider house/pet sitting in other places world wide. I have traveled in Germany, France and many states of the USA.

If it worked for me to bring my own pet, Cora, who is clean, well trained, non shedding and calm with other pets if the situation permits it.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

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