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Hi fellow travelers and pet lovers! Marvin and I are new to the site and loving it so far. We are avid travelers and want to leave our beloved Sophie in her own home when we are on cruises and trips that she can’t join us on. The sitters on this site are top notch, so we are excited! We are also excited about the house and pet sitting aspect as we travel so much and love to see the world. Seeing it as a local is the best! We plan to take Sophie with us when we house sit as she loves travel and adores all people and animals. Any advice on sitting with a small dog in tow is welcome, we are in the planning stages at this point. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Hi @Jennifergo - Welcome to the wonderful world of trusted housesitters. Housesitting with your own dog will reduce the sitting opportunities available to you but it is by no means impossible.

Our good friends Marcela ( @marce )and Antonio are full-time sitters and wherever they go, their lovely doggy companion, Lenardo, goes too!

I am sure they would be happy to offer some advice - This is a picture of all five of us recently when we happened to be all house sitting in the same vicinity and took the opportunity to meet-up



Thanks for the welcoming note! Looks like you were having a blast!

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Hi @Jennifergo my wife and I travel full-time with our chihuahua, Plankton. It definitely takes a bit more planning, and not every homeowner will welcome another pet into their home. We always try to keep this in mind when submitting applications.

That being said, our experience has been very positive. The animals seem to enjoy the extra company, and we really love being able to travel with our dog.


Thanks for the encouragement! We look forward to getting started!