Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi everyone :wave:. I’m Valentina from Argentina. I’ve just join to TrustedHouseSitters as the community forum too. I like music, reading, nature and pets :dog:. I have a little dog and his name is Baguette :baguette_bread:. Currently we are living in Buenos Aires, but I really feel like to travel to Spain around June/July. I would love to travel with Baguette. I wonder if might be possible to house sitting taking care pets with my dog too. Does anyone of you had this experience once? Thank’s and hope to know you too! :smiley::dizzy:

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Hi @Valentina96 , welcome to the group and to the wonderful world of pet sitting!

Petsitters come in all shapes and sizes and the good news for you is that there is definitely a section of this community that travel with their own pets

You may be interested to take a look at this thread from a while ago -

Is bringing your own pet on a sit allowed?

This is a photo we took last year in Brighton (UK) when we met up with our friends and full-time international trusted house sitters @marce (Marcela), Antonio and their very lovely dog, Leanordo who goes everywhere with them!



Thank you very much Colin! I’m gonna take a look to the thread. It’s good to know about all the community. I am very excinting to have my first sit :smiley: