¡Hola! New sitter, Dutch and living in Spain (Andalucia)

Hi all,

I just joined here and thought it would be nice to introduce myself.
Was born and raised in The Netherlands some 54 years ago and in October last year I moved to Spain, to Mijas in Andalucia, to be exact.
I left my dog, a gorgeous Samoyed, behind in The Netherlands, the climate here is too hot for a polar bear. Luckily I know that my son and his mother will take excellent care of him. I do miss him a lot, the walks, the cuddles, his happy face. Because I also want to explore the region, I decided to become a member and I am excited to see all the beautiful pets and houses in stunning places!

Looking forward to a first sit!


Hello @AndreR. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our friendly community here in the forum. Thanks for introducing yourself. I, too, once shared my life with a Samoyed. They’re such wonderful, intelligent and happy dogs. I’m sorry to hear you had to leave yours but agree, southern Spain might be a bit hot for one with so much lovely hair. I’m glad he has a loving home in The Netherlands.

What brought you to Mijas? Could you share some pictures, so those of us who’ve never been there can learn more about it?

Thanks, and again, welcome.

Hello @AndreR and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
I’m sorry that you had to leave your Samoyed behind but as you say at least he will have excellent care and he won’t be too hot!
We have spent a lot of time recently in Andalusia, it’s a great area that you have moved to, way too many lovely places and amazing food too. You are only a short drive away from The Alhambra, simply stunning.
Which area of Andalusia would you particularly like to sit in?
What are your favourite places that you have visited in Andalusia so far?