Introducing me

Hi I’m Annie, I live in Málaga province in Spaln with Jack my German Shepherd and Stalk my, almost, siamese. We live in the countryside overlooking Coin. I’ve been in Spain for 39 years but I’m English. I speak Spanish. I like to visit my family in England and Belgium. Until now a friend has babysat for me but she has decided to return to UK so I’m un need of help occasionally.


Hi @Annie2!

Thank you for joining our Community Forum. You are going to find so much helpful information from both forum members and TrustedHousesitters forum team alike.

I see you have not joined TrustedHousesitters yet and if there is anything we can do to assist you with joining, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help. TrustedHousesitters is an amazing organization filled with both sitters and pet parents who want to join forces and help make all our furry friends happy, safe and content in the own homes.

We certainly hope you decide to join, but once again, thanks for joining the forum….it’s a great start to becoming a member of our family of pet lovers!

Have a wonderful day!


Hi Debbie I have indeed joined and hope to enjoy the experience! Annie