Introduction from me

Hi, I’m Shannon. I’m American but live in Germany with my husband ( who is german) , my son, two dogs and and a cat. We would like to travel to America to visit family and friends for three weeks in August. Obviously we will not be taking our pets on this vacation with us. We are looking for someone loving and reliable to housesit/ petsit while we are gone. A friend of ours recently joined TH and had a wonderful first experience.


Shannono, did you sign up for TrustedHousitters? That is how you will find someone to take care of your home and pets. This forum is mostly for conversation and sharing ideas and thoughts. I hope you find someone perfect! August will be here before we know it.

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Hi @Shannono welcome to our Community Forum, thank you for joining us from Germany.

As @BrigidAnn says joining TrustedHousesitters and becoming part of our global membership is the best way to find your sitters for August there are excellent articles on the website blog to help you get started … also you may have other occasions before your trip to the US where sitters could keep you furry family happy at home.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members from around the world.

Angela and the Team