Introduction from Australia

Hello from Australia. I have been a long time member of Trusted Housesitters although have never been either a sitter or had a sitter, due to life throwing up some surprises.
I have been very lucky to have had many pets, usually 4 or more dogs and 4 or more cats at once. Often involved in many dog sports, life has revolved around the animals. Now I am almost at retirement age and have often helped out friends when they go away, most recently a large property of 3 horses, 6 vizlsas, 1 spaniel, 3 cats and many chooks. I felt like I was at home, my happy place. This year saw the passing of my last cat, a Devon and my last dog, an Italian Spinone. Fortunately all of my pets have gone on to a great age. My partner and I are looking forward to housesitting as often as we can for as long as we can. We hope the world is able to reopen very soon and we can live our dream of caring for the loved ones of others for many years to come.


Good morning and welcome. Are the borders open yet? We would love to visit Australia and look after some animals. It’s a fascinating place.


Hi @Deborah welcome to our forum and to TrustedHousesitters thank you for joining us from Australia, it’s great that you have joined our pet loving community, you will fit right in I’m sure.

What a great introduction into your lives and loves … two and four legged, thank you for sharing. We all hope that Australia will be able to welcome visitors soon and indeed for Australians to travel again, whether at home or abroad.

If you have any local/ domestic updates that would be so helpful.

Enjoy the forum and connecting with our members from around the world, we look forward to sharing in your next great adventure.

Angela and the Team


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Welcome @Deborah to the Forum from a fellow Aussie. You’re definitely an animal lover with all that experience of having so many much loved pets. You’ll love house and pet sitting! The world is opening up to us once again and hopefully it won’t be long before you and your partner head overseas to fulfil your dream. I could well be on that plane with you as I, too, can’t wait to return to sitting overseas!
@Angela-CommunityManager domestic borders are gradually opening up to other states, though Western Australia still difficult to get into. Aussies have started to fly overseas but those entering Australia must fall into certain categories, so not quite open to international tourists yet. But it won’t be long!

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Welcome Deborah! We did a house sit in Australia four years ago and absolutely loved it. It was our first visit to Australia and our sit was in Ballina for two weeks in a lovely home with two lovely dogs, an outdoor pool, walking distance to the beach. We spent five nights in Cairns, two nights in Brisbane and then bussed it down to Ballina and after two weeks we flew to Sydney and spent our last week there. Can’t wait to go back to Australia and hopefully that’s in the near future :slight_smile:


Hello Angela, I have updated my profile but am unsure what the CARD photo requires. Is is it ID such as a driver’s licence? Thank you , Deborah.

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Angela in Australia we have opened up most interstate borders this week however this may change if infections rise too greatly. Some international travel has been allowed, mainly international students. There are rigorous requirements. I hope Europe and UK and the rest of the world get through the winter and come out the other side OK. We cannot wait to travel again
Thank you.