Hello from Australia

Hi Everyone, Helen and I have been members of THS for around 3 months now. We are a retired couple who have been looking forward to travelling around the world but realise this may not happen for several years so we’re concentrating on travelling around Australia. We have done a couple of sits and are looking forward to doing a lot more especially overseas when Covid finially settles down.

I do have a question though after reading through the forum numerous forum members have said they are somewhat wary of housesitters who have had a large number of sits but very few reviews from housesitters . How can you tell how many house sitters an owner has had if there are no reviews. I understand that some may be new to THS but I’m sure some of the house owner profiles I have looked at have had sitters before but I can’t find the number of housesitters they have had.


Welcome Helen and Mark :wave:

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Welcome Mark. I did understand the figure of 65 was the amount of sits made by a sole sitter. Who sits all year round.
It would be strange an owner has “hired” so many sitters. Unless (s)je is never at home…
I don’t agree with you, we find on this forum many more sitters who contribute than owners.
I may be wrong on my understanding ; english is not my mother longue …

Hi Helen & Mark, welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to our community forum it’s great to have you join. We would love to hear more about your Australian travels as many of us are discovering our own “back yards” more and more in these post COVID travel times and making amazing discoveries which we may never have made, silver linings.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members, there are those who are new, like yourselves and others with years of experience and we are all helping one another get the very best from being part of our global, caring, pet loving community.

It’s a great question and like any question you may have this is the best place to find the answer …


Angela & The Team