Hi from Perth WA

Hi, hubby and I have been a member of this site since about 2012 since it began. We have been housesitting all over the world since 2010 and have watched the idea of housesitting explode. When we joined I think there was 300 sitters on the site and we were lucky to get just about every sit we applied for, last time I looked there are over 30000 sitters!! Must be hard to get your first sit nowadays.
Previously we have sat in UK, France, Switzerland, Spain, Crete, Belgium, Malaysia and of course Australia. Covid has definately changed our travel plans this year. Over the 10 years we have looked after dogs, cats, horses, cows, geese, chooks, fish and even pigs. We have also monitored huge wind turbines in Scotland. Over the time we have met some lovely people who are now our friends and incredible animals who we still talk about.
Look forward to chatting further on this forum


Welcome @Vsnedden to your community forum it’s so great to have you here.

What an amazing Trustedhousesitters adventure you’ve had, we can’t wait to here your stories, share In your memories and benefit from the experiences you’ve had living and breathing your pet and Housesitting lifestyle over the years.

We hope you will enjoy the conversation, connecting with our great members, making new friends and perhaps bringing us some old friends.

Stay safe in Perth :pray:

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Hello @Vneden, i understand better why, as a sitter, competition is high between sitters. And why, as an owner, i received (before Covid) so many applications, even for an only one week sit…
Your experience sounds very rich. Ours is 2 through Nomador, 5through THS. All that in 2years time. Cats mostly, dogs, poultry and tiny tropical fish. But 40 experiences in home swaps since 1988 all over Europe and northern America

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Yes Provence, we have definately enjoyed our last 10 years as housesitters. Wish we had started earlier in life but something called work got in the way! We are definately enjoying retirement, see how we go after Covid as Australia is saying that we will not be allowed to travel overseas for another 12mths. Very sad but we have to keep everyone safe and healthy.


Welcome! What adventures you’ve had!