Hello from Sweden 🇸🇪

We are Maria & J-O from Sweden, a couple in our mid 50’s. We joined Trusted Housitters in beginning of 2020 to be able to combine our deep love of animals with travels all over the world, and at the same time help out those who need sitters.
We were so looking forward to get started, but then Corona hit :expressionless:
Well, we hope that this will end soon enough so that we finally can get our first sit somewhere in the world🌍


Hello Maria & J-O thank you for joining us from Sweden.

Welcome to the forum we really hope you will be able to enjoy connecting with Pets, People and Places when travel is once again safe and possible, it is happening we are seeing listings increase daily, presenting great opportunities for sitters …

We hope you enjoy connecting with other members and can’t wait to get to know you better and share in your new pet loving, adventures.

Angela & The Team

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Hello from Texas! I also joined just before the pandemic and haven’t been able to use this service yet…but I am looking forward to it. I wish you happy traveling once it’s safe again!



Welcome Maria jo _ :wave:


Welcome Maria and J-O!

It certainly is an amazing community! We’re hope that once things return to a more ‘normal’ state you’ll get to experience it first hand and often. If you could sit anywhere in the world for your first sit, where would it be?

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Oh that was hard one as there are sooooo many interesting places we would want to visit, but since my hubby haven’t been to US yet, I think that would be our first choice :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s hope it will be possible to travel again soon! It is such a great way to make new pet friends and explore new places!

We actually did a house sit in our home country during all this. It was super nice to help them out, and for us to explore a part of our country we didn’t know so well! Maybe that could be something for you too.

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Bonjour and Welcome from Québec, Sweden !

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