Hello from a fellow Pet Lover in Michigan, US!

Hello. I just joined this forum, but have been a member of the Trusted Housesitters since 2019. We live in Michigan and look forward to doing more petsitting now that the world is starting to open up a bit.

I look forward to reading and contributing to the topics on this forum. I’m sure I will learn valuable information to help with future sits!

Thank you!


Welcome @JMP_Loves_Paws … do love your forum name!!

Thank you for joining and we also look forward to sharing in your THS experiences and journey, we are all learning from one another and the connections are making us realise just what a very special community we have, but then we are all connected by animals and that is why.

Enjoy the conversations and “meeting” other members from around the world.

Angela & The Team

Hello neighbor! We live in Michigan as well and over the last few months have enjoyed sits in Traverse City and Ann Arbor and have one coming up in Grand Rapids in September.

We finally get on a plane in October and head west to the San Francisco area. Fingers crossed!


Hello, Alice! Thanks for introducing yourself! We live outside the Detroit area now, but just our house. We will be moving up north by the end of the month.

We have only done one sit so far in Portugal, but we really enjoyed it. Then Covid hit, and we had dots get cancelled/postponed. We have one scheduled in Colorado in September. We are driving, but they are flying to Europe. So far, it’s a go!

We expect we will join as an owner looking for sitters within the next couple of years. Hopefully, you can apply!

Best of luck on your October sit!