Hello from Hobby Farm in Michigan, US

My name is Lilian, and I joined TrustedHousesitters late last year. As an animal lover from birth, it has been interesting to see the connections established by the love of pets. I used to house sit, pet sit and dog walk before I had a family and enjoyed it a lot. Today we are an international family who loves animals and also loves to travel. My kids pet sit for neighbors and friends. We live in Michigan, and so far, we were not successful on finding sitters, but we will keep insisting as I read so many excellent reviews.

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Hello, @Noca I would like to wish you and your family a very warm welcome to the community forum.

It is a great place to find answers to your THS house and petsitting questions, you can use the spyglass to find current and previously discussed topics.

It sounds as though you have a wealth of pet care experience and it is great that you now travel with your family. I can see that you have both memberships on the website, so if you would like to add the link to your home listing and sitter’s profile to your forum profile, other community members can view them and give you helpful feedback and tips.

Here is how:


If you need help doing that just let me know and I will add them for you.

I love that you have a Hobby Farm, that is very inspirational to me as I would love that in the future. Such a rewarding experience to get to care for a variety of pets.

Where are you and your family hoping to housesit in the future?

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I think I found your listing. The smiling Rottie is just gorgeous! The rest of your pets and the home look very nice too.
Don’t give up. Someone will see your listing and think it’s just perfect for them.

Hi! Welcome!

I am new to the site but not new to pettsitting. I wish I had seen your listing. Good luck :sparkling_heart:

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Hello Suzie!
I have many days listed this year! Maybe it will match yours!

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hello! thank you!

thank you!

HI Carla!
thank you for the welcome!
We don´t have any specific locations or trips planned for Trusted Housesitters yet.
I am sure the opportunities will come around sometime soon!


Sounds awesome. I will be happy to look.

Do you know how to find my profile just to say hello. Ive changed it so many times and have frankly given up. I need to revamp it. I would love a hobby farm. The more little babies to care for, the happier I would be. I actually have real from experience and lots of pets. Michigan is actually a preferred destination. I will be 59 my birthday ( I don’t know where time goes) but I have 13 states left to visit. Michigan happened to me on my list. I’ve missed the north east. Just say hi, I have some great pictures and I will be working on my profile today. I look forward to talking to you.

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I wanted to mention, that you can direct message any member on the forum to share more personal details. If you click on the member you want to message … on the top right hand side of their forum profile … there is a Message button, and if you press this, it will be a private message.

I see you have also added your profile to your forum profile, so this is the best way for any member to view it.


Thank you! I mean to do the right thing.