Hello from Michigan, USA!

Hello! I wanted to introduce my little family to the forum and general community of trustedhousesitters. We are a family looking for someone we can trust to come care for our animals while we go on vacation so as to avoid putting our furbabies through the stress of boarding.
We love our animals and we love helping people gain new opportunities and experiences, so what better way than to join this fascinating platform?
If you see this and are interested, please look into our listing for Roseville, Mi!


Hi @Kacety123 and what cuties you have there for potential sitters to snuggle up with!

I have a couple of suggestions that might make it easier to get applications. First, I would update some of your pictures. I would remove the picture of the nursery as it would not pertain to the sitter. Also, I would suggest straightening up and removing excess items off the kitchen counters, bed and bathroom drawers closed. Also, make sure those items are cleared for when the sitter arrives as they are going to need space to put all their items for the sit. This is one really important concern for sitters as they don’t want to have to stack up their food, clothing, etc., but instead, want to feel they are “living” there while sitting.

Also, after doing that, I would suggest linking your member profile to your forum profile so potential sitters can go right to your listing instead of trying to search you out themselves.

If you do some of these things, I think you are going to find sitters who are looking forward to the opportunity to stay with your furbabies in Michigan, since it is such a beautiful state.

Hi @Kacety123. Welcome to the forum.

One thing many pet parents new to TrustedHousesitters do to help them get started is to solicit feedback from forum members on ways to make their listings even stronger. It’s easy to do. Here’s how:

  1. Paste the URL to your listing in your forum profile.

  2. Create a new topic in the Owner & Sitter Exchange category asking for people to look at your listing and let you know what you might do to make it even better.

That’s it! Very easy, and many of our members like helping new members of the community to be successful right out of the gate.