Hello from Berkeley, California

I just joined TH, and am hoping for good results from my listing. We have a lovely home, a sweet little dog, and a great location.

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We are new to TH, and this is our first listing. So far, 2 sitters have responded, and then pulled out just before meeting us. One got a longer sit, and the other got an opportunity to go to an event he "just couldn’t pass up. " I am disappointed and discouraged. Should I be worried that we will not find anyone? Our trip is now 6 weeks away.

Hi! I’m in Martinez (not far from you:) and our trip is April 1. I also had two applicants and have been trying to schedule calls and now am not hearing back from them:/

I started reaching out to sitters on the West Coast hoping they would be interested. No bites so far! I actually came to the forum looking for some tips too.

I’ve been reading when you post something in the forum, it’s good to have a link to your listing so people can see it and offer feedback.

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Hello @virginialo & @amyjomulvaney

Welcome to the community forum, it is lovely to have you both here. It is great that you are near each other and can connect here.

As mentioned please feel free to add the link from your THS home listing to your forum profile this way other members can leave you helpful feedback and tips and there have been previous successes with new members getting applications or securing a sit after other community members have helped them.

Here is how to add it:

If you need help doing this then please do not hesitate to let me know.
Best wishes Carla


Thanks Carla! Hopefully you can see it now!

@amyjomulvaney Great, the link is there when others click your name. It looks like such a relaxed location and I love that you have chickens and great outdoor space.

Use of your car is a big plus and perhaps consider adding a few more home photos covering the areas that your sitters will use such as the kitchen and bathroom. It helps the sitters visualise where they will be staying and how they will use the space.

I am sure others will add more comments and best wishes to you!


Hi, hope you find a sitter soon :slight_smile: I’m experiencing the same issues. I lost count of how many sitters I contacted by them applying and by me contacting directly. So far 7 (!) of them said they would like to do the sitting just to a day or so later say that they forgot they were booked with something else.

I created my ad a month ago and now, two weeks to my trip, I’m booking a kennel for my dogs as I cannot wait and lack trust that I’ll find someone that will actually come.

Anyway, good luck to you. I hope you find the sitter.

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Thank you, Simone. Sorry to hear your story, and that you’ve had to book your dogs into a kennel. I had high hopes for TH, because friends had a really good experience. I’m still 6 weeks out from our trip, so I haven’t given up on it yet.

Best to you,


@virginialo don’t give up! There is still plenty of time to secure a sitter.

Hi Simone,
I am also a couple of weeks out from my trip. I’m in northern California and last week I decided to reach out to all of the sitters who live far enough away to want to visit but close enough to drive-pretty much the west coast people outside of the bay area.

I actually had luck and got someone who was interested! Unfortunately my husband had already asked a friend since we were afraid we weren’t going to find someone.

It may be worth trying if you still have time to cancel the Kennel.

I updated the pictures. Thanks for your advice!

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I see you are “reviewing applications” @_SimoneS which is great news and hopefully now your dogs will not need to go to the kennel.