Greetings from Benicia, CA USA

I wanted to introduce myself and my husband to this fabulous group. My name is Teresa, and my husband is Mark. I have been a member of TH for 2 - 3 yrs. At first, just trying to get a feel for the site, and its people, and wondering if pet sitting would be interesting and fun for a newly retired + married couple. ( it sure is!)
We have completed 3 official sits, and other informal ones for family. We have enjoyed our sits very much. Any tips for newbie sitters like us?


Seems like you are doing just great. 3 sits is no longer newbie!
Do a search using the magnifying glass and you will find lots of tips and strategies from many of our members here. Lots of great stories, good and bad but all beneficial.
We each discover what will work best for us.

Welcome to the forum @trecosper.
Do share some of your experiences and your own words of wisdom.

Hello Teresa & Mark @trecosper

A very warm welcome to the community forum and I am so pleased to hear that you are already members of the website and have completed 3 housesits already. Where were your housesits and what pets did you care for?

I am also glad that you have joined the forum as here you will find lots of helpful topics, conversations and be able to connect with other members. Please use the spyglass to search for any topics that you maybe interested in.

You can also add the link to your TrustedHousesitters sitters profile to your forum profile. I will share a link on how to do it here:

Other forum members will then be able to view your sitters profile and give you helpful tips and advice.
Best wishes on your sitter journey! Carla


Hello @trecosper and welcome to the Community Forum :slightly_smiling_face:
As @Carla-Moderator mentioned, if you add your sitter profile to your forum profile following the link we can then take a look and help you as much as possible.
Whereabouts did you complete your first 3 house sits? :blush: