Hello from Brazilians in Europe

Hello Everyone, We are Jaqueline and Juliano. We have been full time petsitters since July/2021 in the USA since we were introduced to THS. I just wish I had done it sooner. It’s been such an amazing experience. We are now petsitting in Portugal and we plan to house sitting all over Europe for the next months. We love to travel, and THS has been great for us to visit new places and live like locals and on top of it still be able to spend time with the cutest creatures on earth. So glad to be a part of this community!


Hi @jackshimono welcome to the community forum, here you can discuss all things housesitting with like-minded members.

It’s so great to hear you’ve been enjoying your experiences, looks like you’ve been on quite the housesitting adventure so far. I imagine you have lots of interesting stories to tell…

Great to have you here.


Hello and welcome to the forum! I definitely agree with your thoughts on what makes THS so incredible. We definitely love to explore places like a local would. And the cute company never hurts.

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Hi @jackshimono. I share your love of exploring new places while pet sitting.
Welcome to the Forum, and enjoy your travels in Europe. We’re looking forward to getting back there in the Autumn.

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