Hello from USA

Newbie to THS, but not house/pet-sitting! And am aiming to be in Portugal and the UK this summer.

I love animals and am recently without Serotonin (my pups name) due to a heart murmur. I love animals and I love travel. And I’m confident he would want me connecting with and caring for other pets, so here I am! Ready to look after precious spaces; love on adorable and quirky pets; and connect with humans while exploring this beautiful earth.

I am already grateful for this forum. I just discovered it’s existence and have already gleaned so much insight and wisdom. THANK y’all for having me here!

With genuine regard,
Isis <3 <3 <3


A warm welcome Isis (@yellowsunshine) and so very sorry to hear about your recent, sad loss. I am confident like you that Serotonin will be happy with your choice. There have been some active threads in the travel category on Portugal particularly, and more recently London, so I’m sure you will find some kindred spirits both there and generally around the forum. We are pleased to have you here and look forward to following your ongoing pet sitting journey :slight_smile:


Welcome @yellowsunshine!
How wonderful to have you here. You will find so many options for connecting with animals and some really amazing people.
I hail from the US and am currently in the UK, London area and just recently arrived after a month + trip to Portugal.
Have fun exploring the content here, chime in and ask questions.



THANK you. I have found a few already!! I’m excited to get started and still a bit nervous at the same time.

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From the U.S. as well! It sounds like we will be along the same route. I will be headed to the UK in June and then Portugal in July.