Hola Everyone

I have been a TrustedHousesitters for 10 years, with a 2- year break during Covid. It’s great to be back and once again on-the-road.


Welcome back @reontheroad !!! Wow 10 years with THS? Where have some of your favorite sits taken you? Do you have any future sits planned? Any photos from your previous travels?

Hi Julie - I cannot begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed house and pet sitting around the world - thanks to TrustedHousesitters.com. I have taken 1000’s of photos and posted about all the places I have visited and the pets I have spoiled on my blog - https://myhomeontheroam.com/blog/


Hi @reontheroad Just loved reading your blog. Wow, you have certainly travelled the world!
I am sure you have lots planned going forward. Would love to continue to hear … where next?

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Amazing! I’ll check out your blog now @reontheroad :slight_smile: so happy to see you are enjoying all that this beautiful world has to offer!

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Therese -

I am in the middle of moving back to the US after calling Mexico home base for the past 5 years

I have learned that once I became a house and pet sitter, friends, friends-of-friends, and family members will call me and ask if I could sit for them! As my new condo won’t be available until December 1st, I was thrilled when friends-of-friends asked if I would house and sit for their lovable Portuguese Water dog, Beau, and fat and happy Himalayan kitty, Leo, in their lovely home in Atlanta for 3 months while they celebrate their retirements touring around Italy!

Being a house and pet sitter means being able to play the ‘date game.’ Normally I will take a house and pet sit in a great location and then if I have a week or two before my next sit begins, I will just be a tourist, staying in AirBnB’s wherever I might be, enjoying learning the history and meeting the locals of that part of the world. But trying to move, not bounce from place to place, and be available when needed, this long-term sit proved especially opportunistic.

As to what the future holds - I have an offer to sit in Santa Barbara, CA the month of February and I am actually going to be a tourist as I have signed up for tours to Mongolia, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam departing next September!


Amazing! You have so many fun adventures ahead of you. Happy travels @reontheroad

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Fantastic, you right, it’s lovely to be able to be in a situation of not having to bounce around too much and does help to immerse yourself in the local ways. :slight_smile:
Your up and coming eastern tourist trip sounds amazing. It is certainly on my bucket list too!