Hello from Texas!

Greetings! My name is Teresa. I have been a house and pet sitter for two years. Trusted Housesitters is one of my main avenues for exploring house sitting opportunities!

For about two years now I have been a full time house and pet sitter in the US with no permanent address. I am open to expanding this beyond the US but of course, that isn’t the easiest option at this time!

I have continued to travel and sit in this past year. Like many, I have had a lot of cancelations and interruptions. This past year for the first time I have had gaps in my sits and have at times stayed with family or airbnbs. I have also had some wonderful opportunities including a recent 3-month housesit in Hawaii!

A bit about me personally, in the past decade I have lived in a variety of places in Europe, Asia and the US including three years teaching in English in South Korea and Thailand. I live a simple, healthy life and my interests include Reiki, time in nature and watching movies.

Glad to be here and best to everyone!



Hi Teresa, welcome to our community forum launch “party” … We have been here for a little while and now it’s great to be able to welcome more of our amazing members.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and yes we have all experienced much of what you have since the world almost stopped turning.

It’s been a challenging year for everyone but now the green shoots of normality are shooting in the right direction, we hope they open up your pet and housesitting travels once more … Hawaii is a pretty good place to be for 3 months.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community and for joining in the conversation, enjoy connecting with other members.

Angela & The Team

Welcome Teresa! Glad to have you on the forum!

We too are full time sitters (there’s several full timers on the forum) and empathize with the challenges of the last year +. Without a doubt your lifestyle as you describe it has surely helped you weather the challenges :blush:

Here’s to a better year!

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