Germany and US based new sitters

Hello. We are 2 early retirees (Susan and Alan) who moved from Arizona to Germany a few months ago. We intend to spend 4 months out of the year back in the US and hope to explore Europe in the remaining time. This is the first time in over 20 years that we haven’t had our own dogs and we are having a hard time adjusting. We are looking forward to petsitting for others and getting our fix that way :slight_smile:


How fun!! We also joined for the same reason—love dogs but want to travel, so it would not be convenient to have a dog of our own. We are currently traveling through Germany and Austria and love both! Maybe you will get one of those longer house sits in France! Good luck!


Hello and a big welcome Susan & Alan! We are pleased you’ve found your way to the forum and look forward to following your European adventures. We “landed” in France a couple of years ago and haven’t managed to leave yet (now residents) - there is just so much available to explore and plenty of housesits! But sorry to hear that you are now without your pups, it’s tough adjusting to that loss I know and our own pets are never forgotten, but house sitting certainly does help provide a path to healing as we fill our lives with the joy of other people’s pets.

We look forward to seeing you around the community and if you every venture into France (Bourgogne) give us a shout. We too are renovating an old property!! Take care, Vanessa


Welcome @Harris2! I can totally understand how you feel as we lost our little girl last November after having had more than 20 TrustedHousesitters members stay with her while we traveled. We felt so lost (and sometimes still do) after she left us, but decided the way to get our snuggles would be to start sitting ourselves. The first sit was with an elderly old soul who loved just lying beside us on the sofa while soaking up as many pets and scratches as we could offer. From then on we felt such a fulfillment doing the sits as we knew we were getting the unconditional love that all furbabies offer as well as knowing we were helping pet parents, just like us, feel comfortable and at peach when they were away.

I am confident you are going to find just what you need through TrustedHousesitters and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to forum members or any TrustedHousesitter team members.


Thank you!! We are very much looking forward to sitting and getting to enjoy new pets. Until we are ready to have our own again, we have plenty of love to go around for others.


Austria sounds amazing too. Enjoy your stays!!