Greetings from Washington State USA

We have been pet sitting around the United States and Europe for seven years since retiring from an American Museum career and my wife with the Government. Trusted Pet Sitters has opened up a new world of travel since we became members and did our first pet sit in Switzerland. It has been such a great way to get to know a specific area and meet some wonderful locals and some wonderful pets including dogs cats and horses. We were even once offered the opportunity to look after a herd of American Bison. We can’t wait to get back to Europe again and pet sit near some of America’s National Parks. We have open invitations in various locations that we will definitely repeat.


Hi @Dennis thank you for your wonderful introduction … caring for a herd of Bison, did you take up the offer?

Thank you for joining our community forum we cannot wait to get to know you even better and to share in your TrustedHousesitters journey and European adventure.

Angela & The Team

Welcome Dennis, do you speak french (a minimum) as we might need a sitter next autumn when we can travel again.

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Angela I did not! It was n the middle of Summer, and our Summers here in Washington are to perfect to travel! Next year we are concentrating on Ireland. We had some incredible opportunities there and in France and my favorite place anywhere in the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately then came the pandemic. I hope one day to put together photos of all of the pets that we have looked after. My Wife saves all of our photos of them. This was one of our favorites with Sammy in the most beautiful place that I have ever been since I first discovered it way black in 1972!


To be honest with you we really do not speak French. We have taken lessons, but rarely get to use it so I would exaggerating by saying that we speak it minimally, but thank you for asking. We will probably not be returning to Europe until the Spring of next year.

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