From Asheville NC to the World!

Hi There!
My husband John and I are from Asheville NC. We retired and found pet sitting back in 2017.

We first used TrustedHousesitters when we decided to travel around Europe for a year. It was truly one of the best years of my life! We became friends with many of our hosts who we are still in contact with today.

Last year we decided to take a 4 month long road trip out to the western states. Again we met so many nice hosts. We are getting ready to go back out west in a month and have lined up 7 sits so far.

We currently do not have pets of our own so petsitting provides us the company of pets that we miss. We take the responsibility of caring for pets and the host’s home very seriously. We have a website and we are planning a blog on traveling tips and tricks we have learned and want to share with other retirees(or anyone else!).

We are so grateful for TrustedHousesitters and the opportunities it has provided us!

(Here is a picture of John having a very serious conversation with one of our many wonderful furry friends!)


That is absolutely fabulous @PetTrippin (love your handle too) and so wonderful to have you share with us.
Keep us posted on your sits and your blog site.


Welcome @PetTrippin! We lived in Black Mountains for a few months, early in our nomadic journey. We love to hike and spent a lot of time in the mountains. All the best to you.

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We can’t wait to be just like you two…just a couple more years! We look forward to new adventures, new friends (both human and furry) and just the time to spend doing what we want for ourselves instead of the corporate world!
Happy for you guys!

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Thank you! We truly believe that pet sitting is THE best way to travel!


So wonderful! It sounds like you have a fun spring/summer ahead of you.

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